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I hope you don't mind me joining in in your forum. I have also posted this on LTTC but thought some of you may be able to help.
I have been reading posts on BE for ages, but never had the courage to post myself - not sure why, I guess it's kind of like admitting we're trying and might have a problem, which we haven't done before.
We've been TTC for 1 yr and just found out that my DH has sperm agglutination . He has to have the test repeated so hopefully it might not turn out to be a problem. His count (14 mill), motility (49%) and morphology (88% abnormal) were ok, but not brilliant. Just wondering if anyone has any experience of agglutination, or knows anything about what causes it and what can help with it. Anyone conceived with this problem? Or anyone having IVF etc because of this? I have read that high doses of vit c (1000mg) can help and drinking more water, so hoping DH will do those things.
Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer! x


  • Hi Tiny... welcome!!! Sorry about your dilema. I havnt heard the word "agglutination" but my DH has a low sperm count also and my RE tolm my DH to take "Antioxidents", it should bring his SPerm count up in a few months. I went for a new RE consult last weekend and was told for me to take it as well, along with my Prenatal Vitamins. Good Luck hun.
  • Hi Lady J. Thanks for replying. What antioxidants do you take? Good luck to you too x
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