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I thought i'd set up this thread as a few ladies on here are currently PUPO and I thought we could all keep each other company throughout what I think is the most difficult part of the IVF cycle - the 2ww! Thanks to Emma for the 'limbo lounge' title - I knicked it off one of your posts, hope you don't mind.

I had my ET yesterday and have one grade 2 blastocyst on board, my OTD is the 1st of October although there's no way i'll make it that far without testing myself!! Anyone want to join me? If you do, add your details and i'll add to the list below.

Sarah xx

NAME............................ EMBRYO/S............................. OTD
Emma ............................2 embryos.............................30th September image
Helen.............................1 embryo................................30th September
SarahBear7....................1 blastocyst............................1st October
Louise ........................... 2 embryos............................ 1st October

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  • Hey!!

    I'll join you "title-pincher"!!!

    Not holding out much hope with this cycle as not feeling any sysmptoms like last time, but don't want to taint the mood, so will tap into me positivity reserve!! My egg collection was 16th Sep and transfer was 19th Sep. At the time of the transfer, there was a 4 cell and a 6 cell, both of which were put back, so we shall see.....

    Emma ...............2 embroy's........30th September
  • Yaaaay! Thanks for joining me!

    I'm afraid this might end up being quite a gloomy thread as I don't have much PMA myself either, but I see it as our duty to buoy each other during the next week or so.

    Keeping my fingers tightly crossed that this turns out to be a very lucky thread!

    S xxx
  • Oh that would just be amazing if we both were smiling by the end of this!! And yes, it is our duty- PMA all round, with an extra dose of sticky dust image

    Wonder if we will be joined by anyone else....

    Emma x
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  • I'm hoping so... I know there's Helen, Lougla and one other lady at least. It'd be great to get us all on this thread so that we can share thoughts and keep the PMA levels up!

    S x
  • Hi ladies,

    I'm going to be following this thread with beady eyes. I go in on Monday for egg collection then hopefully having two embies put back in on Thursday.

    I'm sure your PMA will help me throughout my 2WW.

  • Brilliant news Ema! Your stage is where it's exciting and daunting all at the same pretty much ocntinues the same into the 2ww!!

    Good luck and keep us posted image

    Emma x
  • Hi ladies!!
    Congratulations on being PUPO!!
    I had lots of PMA up until today when I woke up without it. Hope its back tomorrow. I think I'm getting scared now as OTD is only a week away.
    So I had one 9 cell embie on 14th and OTD is 30th (it was 29th but its the first anniversary of a close friends little boy dying and it didn't seem right). I may test before then, I'm not sure-certainly no earlier than tuesday anyhow.
    Hope your 2wws are not too bad. Mine was ok up to today-just don't want test day to come.
  • Wishing you all the very best of luck ladies and I will be keeping an eye on this thread.
  • Hi there ladies, I'm also on the 2WW list ...

    Louise ...... 2 embryos ...... 1st October

    Good luck all !!
  • I'm so glad we've got more ladies to join us - welcome EmaC, Helen and Lougla - good luck to you all. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all move into PAI together in week or so?

    MrsD, congratulations on your good news too - you must be over the moon. imageimage How are you feeling?

    I know i'm only 2dp5dt but i'm already struggling, who knew it was going to be so difficult. Not even vegging out with my Tudors boxset (mmmm... Jonathan Rhys Meyers) is helping. I am just laid here analysing every feeling, twitch and twinge.

    I had a little bit of light cramping yesterday but today... nothing. Am now a bit panicked as I have read that today is the day that implantation should be taking place if it's going to happen. Surely if my blastocyst was implanting I would feel something? Arrrgggh!! :\?
  • Just GC to say GOOD LUCK to all the PUPO ladies. Thinking of you - try to stay nice and relaxed and positive. I have my fingers crossed that you're all posting happy news for us very soon. Take care xxx
  • Just wanted to wish you all the very best of luck. Will be keeping my fingers crossed for you all. x
  • Brilliant thread! Wishing you all lots of luck and loads of sticky baby dust. Keep on with the PMA, keeping everything crossed for you guys and thinking of you!
    Rhian x
  • Thanks for adding me Sarah, although I feel abit like a cheat as not quite there yet. I'm def having egg collection on Monday, then the embies will be moving in on the 30th which will make test day the 11th aaaaaaaaaaaah.

    I've been feeling really positive about everything up until today. Been to the clinic for my last scan and the consultant wasnt the greatest. She told me to take the HCG injection tonight (instead of tomorrow night), if I hadnt questioned it she could have messed the whole thing up. Just made me question the whole lot of them, daft I know as their the professionals.

    Everything seems to be going too well to also result in a positive seems impossible.

    Blumin nora, think I need to give myself a clip. Sorry for the moan, god help me in the 2ww lol.

    Such a good job we've got this site, i'd be demented.

    Hope your all feeling positive today, it would be fab if we could all move over together (my move may be abit later though lol) xx
  • Oooooh good luck for Monday EmaC- yes good job you were on the ball, that was a near miss image

    Feeling slight symptoms of pre-period like cramps, but still think I am most probably out for this cycle. Feel like calling the hosp to see when we can book in to try again, but I know they will think I am mad, since I haven't even had the test yet :roll:

    Hope everyone else on here is feeling the positive vibes though!

    Oh the things we put ourselves though, eh?!?

    Bucket loads of baby dust coming atcha all ;\)

    Emma xxx
  • This is getting harder every day. I'm getting lots of pulling in my lower abdomen and keep feeling a bit off-nauseous etc, but I'm putting it down to the medication to be honest. It would be great if it had worked but I think by now I would be experiencing pg symptoms-heightened sense of smell etc, which I had with dd and with a chem pg 2 years ago. I know they say every pg is different but I would've thought that my reaction to hcg in my system would be the same.
    Sorry-needed to get how I was feeling off my chest.
    Hope you are all surviving the 2ww better than I am at the mo.
  • Hello everyone, I hope you're doing well. You might have seen my other post on the IVF board. I got a faint BFP this morning but also started bleeding red blood so fairly certain that I have had a chemical pregnancy and am out for this cycle. I sincerely hope that this thread is very lucky for the rest of you and that you all get nice strong BFPs.

    Love, S x
  • I just wanted to let you guys know that this cycle is a bust for me but I am trying to look positively towards the future. I have 5 lovely blastocysts on ice still so all is not lost.

    Hoping to see some BFPs on here - I have high hopes for you all! Hope you don't mind me keeping an eye on this thread, I am rooting for you all.

    Love and best wishes,

    Sarah xx
  • Aaaaw Sarah, hang in there. Friday could bring a whole different story for you. Fingers crossed hunni.

    Well I had EC yesterday, they got 8 eggs and decided to go for IVF rather than ICSI. But out of those 8 only 1 has fertilised. I'm totally gutted, spent most the day a wreck. But as everyone has said it only takes 1 so we've got everything crossed that its a super super duper sticky one.

    Just a quick question though. What time off work have you had? I've only got enough hollies left to take this Thurs and Fri for ET. But feel I should be off all of next week aswell, just so I can feel I'm giving it my best. What'd you think? I'm not sure I could get a sick note for this??

    Sorry its a long one. Hope everyone else is doing well. xxxx
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