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So i got in contact with my Dr as my period hadn't arrived after 2 weeks of the down reg injection, she suggested i booked in for a scan to see if i had down regd and a blood test. I arrived at the clinic this morning to find the receptionist had actually booked me in for tomorrow even though she sent me a confirmation email confirming today, anyway so had to sit in the waiting room for an hour waiting for a free slot.

Wasn't my usual Dr doing the scan and she was quite rude. She did the scan and said no i hadn't down regulated and i am only mid cycle making this cycle 2 months again. I asked what we should do now and she said either have another dose of the Prostap next week and go back 2 weeks after that to see if its worked or abandon this cycle, have one normal period and start over. She then asked how old i am (20) and said well your not in any rush so you should abandon it and start again. I am quite upset by this as i had been preparing myself to start treatment.

I have got in contact with my usual dr to see what she recommends but i'm guessing she might say to wait.

Sorry for going on image



  • hi hon im sorry to hear of your toubles. i know exactly how your feeling, althoughi currently havent started treatment as i have to be 23 according to the regulations here in cambridge. im only 21. everybody says to me awww your only 21 your not in any rush. it really upsets me and bloody annoying too, age is only a number and has no realtion to how much you want something. im sorry i cnat advise on the treatment asi havent started but im here for support hon. xxx my suggestion would be wait and speak to your own doc she/ he may suprise you xx
    i hope this is of some comfort to you xx
    Mrs E xx
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