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1st Injection......Done

I am so proud of myself. I thought i would do it whilst my oh is at work so i can just do it in my own time without him watching. Plus i would have prob been a bigger baby if he was there hehe

Anyway it was fine, i didn't even have to count to 10 like i do when waxing my legs image Putting the needle in was painless completely, the drugs stung a little when they went in and after i took the needle out the area throbbed for 5mins or so but now i am fine!

Just thought i'd share this with everyone.



  • The first injections the worst! Hope all goes well for you. Have you thought about trying reflexology and hypnotherapy? certainly worked for me. May be something that you want to look into. x
  • Injections get easier the longer you do them. I can't do the gestone injections in my bum and thighs myself, on the ones in my stomach. The needle is too long and it freaks me out a bit. My husband does them for me. I hope everything goes well for you.

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