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Hi girls,

Have any of you had acupuncture? Our DR recommended it but well i don't have a phobia of needles but don't necessarily like them either..Was just wondering what it's like?

I'm having my first injection to down regulate tomorrow so called Zita West and was advised to book and appointment before i start my Puregon injections. So acupuncture tomorrow too..

Any advice will be great?



  • Hi fairy20

    I started acupuncture about 4 weeks ago, to go alongside my IUI and IVF treatment. I would absolutely recommend it, I've found it's made me more relaxed and much more positive. I had no idea what to expect and I'm going to be completely honest about my experience so far - in every session I've had, the vast majority of needles I feel going in but it's a tiny scratch (literally a tiny scratch, no where near what you'd feel for an injection) and once they're in you can honestly feel nothing and you forget they're there. On each session so far though I've had one needle that I can feel. When I was ovulating, the one over my ovary was a bit sore and sort of throbbing and on a couple of occasions I've had one in my ankle that's been a bit unplesant (that one is for relaxing your womb according to Zita). Certainly nothing to put me off going but I have felt those ones and in fact if they're hurting it may well be because they're doing the trick! I really think you should go for it. Lots and lots of luck with the acupuncture and the down reg, let us know how you get on.

  • I'm back image

    I had my Prostap injection and it was fine, told the nurse i was worried about the self injecting but she said it hurts loads less than the one i'd just had so thats put my mind at rest.

    Hmmm, the acupuncture, it didn't hurt when the needles were put in at all. The lady said i may feel tingling and a pulling sensation but i felt nothing image i just laid there for half an hour trying to relax but also feeling a bit stupid cos nothing happened. hehe

    Thanks for the advice girls image

  • I would also recommend acupuncture, it doesn't hurt sometimes you feel the needles but nothing major. I had it along with my IVF and I am still having it through my pregnancy xx
  • I have had acupuncture in the past, but then tried reflexology and hypnotherapy alongside my IVF and am now 7 weeks pregnant, so having had the both I preferred the reflexology and hypnotherapy, which worked for Me.
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