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Why is my body so weird!!!!!!

I AM SO CONFUSED...................

I went to the clinic on Wednesday for a scan to see if i am down regulated for our 1st cycle of ICSI as my period hadn't shown up. I had a scan and the DR showed me my ovary on the screen and there was a large follicle there, to which she told me i am mid cycle and should expect my period in 3-4 weeks time as my cycles have gone really long the last couple of months. She told me to buy another dose of the Down Reg drug and have that on Tuesday and then by the time i get my period i should have down regd.

Then today AF shows up???????

How can this happen, I saw the follicle, surely it couldn't have been released and AF has got here in 4 days??

I'm just worried that they will now say i have to abandon treatment until my next normal period.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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