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could anyone offer advise plz ?

hi all im new to this site. i am awaiting an apointment to see my consultant so we can start fertility treatment, as i have PCOS, ENDO and have also found out on my last scan that my womb tilts back. i was just wondering if anyone could offer any advise please ? xx

just got my apointment through for the hospital for the 15 th fingers crossed all goes well xx

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  • Hi Animal,

    I also have PCOS and a backwards tilting uterus, Those things dont necessarily prevent pregnancy occuring, i did actually fall pregnant on my first month of trying last year, sadly it was an ectopic but that was not to do with either of those things. PCOS isnt usually a prob if you periods are regualr and you are ov, but it affects people in various ways, im currently not ovulating, some people are irregular and others fine. How severe is it? For example do you have lots of symptoms, weight gain, acne etc? Obviously end is cause probs but again it effects people differently. From my own research i have found that a backwards tilting uterus doesnt usually have any impact as it usually corrects itself around 12 weeks, however some doc's say if there is no other known cause of infertility they might consider this the reason.

    How long have you been trying for?

    I hope your appointment comes through soon so you can get some answers.

    Gem x
  • Sorry, just re-read your post, good luck on the 15th, not long to go, hope you get some answers

    Gem x
  • hi hun thanx for reply,

    sorry to hear thar hun, we did manage to get caught 12 month before we got married but unfortunatly we miscarried. it is an awful thing to go through hunni x

    They found out 5 yr ago after i had my first child that i have PCOS and ENDO, The pcos is pretty bad now. as the right side is covered and is no use now. the left isnt as bad yet. I do suffer with my weight because of it and i am on a constent diet to keep it down as they sed this will help the symptoms , and do get the odd random hair growth, plus a few other sytoms. at our last hosp visit they sed it would be a mirical if we conceve naturally as it deteriated so quickly and we chatted about our options, they told use to go have a think about what was the right thing for us and we will talk more and pos start fertility treatment at our next visit .
    we have only been trying for 6 months with no look at all. in the 6month of trying my cycle as messed up and i cant tell wen or if i am ovualating anymore, plus the pain unbearable.
    thanx again hunni for the luck on friday were looking forward to it but also very nerves as we dont no wot to expect . xx

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  • Oh dear, you sound like youve had a shitty time of it, but then you wouldnt be on here if you had'nt would you! My first appointment was a real let down, I was really excited hoping i would get some answers and a plan so I could have some hope and something to look forward to, instead i had a doc who told me less than i already know and sent me off with no real further information. I was really frustrated cos i had a whole list of questions which were quite straightforward and she seemed unable to answer them.

    Afterwards when i got home I decided I wasnt happy to wait 8 weeks to my next appointment with no treatment or investigations inbetween time so I wrote a letter which no one replyed too so then I phoned the appointment line and hassled them for a cancellation to bring my next appointment forward... so 4 weeks later i turned up at the clinic again, saw a different doc and came away with referrals for blood tests and another tubal test!

    I hope you have a better expereince, I would just recommend taking a list of all your questions and calmly work your way down the list, otherwise you may get distracted and before you know it you will find your appointment being brought to a close and ushered to the door! I really hope you have a better time and get the answers you need.

    Good Luck again, Gem x
  • hospital didnt go to well. i book to see my consultant but didnt end up seeing him . they put us in with a diffrent docter that as decided to put our treatment back for another 6 months. he dismissed pretty much everything we sed, and his attidue was well you ve had one. i told him that i was 18 when i got pg with my daughter and that i had been on the pill for years which had controlled it, but he just ignored us.
    he as also deided to do retest me and as now decided that in 6months times he wants to test my husband.
    it as left me feeling really down and emotionally drained at the minute. seriously thinking about ringing up and demanding to see our consultant.
    dunno what to do, just wish i could prove the hospital wrong and do it on our own .
    thanx for ur suport hun xxx
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