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hi just wondering if any of you get really depressed and is this normal, im starting 2nd ivf 7th oct and at the moment im tired and sad all the time. my niece was born tuesday morning and i didnt even make it to her room before i was in hysterics. i can berley get myself out of bed but im scared to go docs incase they say i cant have ivf.


april x


  • TTC85, I think this is a completely normal way to feel (sadly, no pun intended), your body is full or hormones, far more than we would ever normally have. Going to the Dr. and telling them how you feel is not going to have you taken off the list. Does your IVF clinic offer a counselling service? Ours does, maybe you could ring them and say you'd like a session with their counsellor (rather than going to see your GP, at first), talking it through with someone other than your DH may help?

    We are towards the end of the first week of our 2WW and I do get very depressed at times, which I really struggle with as its not my normal personality at all. I think we have unnatural expectations of how we'll deal with the IVF and put extra pressures on ourselves to appear outwardsly normal, like its not a big deal. Its a HUGE deal ... and we can't expect to feel any differently really ..

    Try not to feel bad that you don't feel yourself at the moment, I genuinely think its just all the hormones and stress.
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