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Short protocol and/ or blast transfer anyone?

Hello peeps,

I am starting IVF in September. Because of an op I had last year on my cervix I keep getting scarring, which basically means that sperm and egg can't meet, and I would need to go through a dilation under GA every couple of month for us to have a chance of getting pg naturally.

Because of my dodgy cervix I am going to be on the short protocol and will only be able to have a single embryo transferred - hopefully a blastocyst if we get that far. I am a bit disappointed as I feel that this reduces our chances.

I am 26, and healthy apart from the cervix issue (normal weight, don't smoke, etc) and DH is 33 with good sperm.

Does anyone have any advice or experiences to share.

I am so scared and excited!

Sarah xx


  • Hi sarahbear. I just wanted to say good luck for September. Lots of baby dust o you x
  • Thanks Vic, it's a lot to take in. I literally just went in for a chat with my consultant and came out signed up for IVF. That was only on Tuesday so my head has been spinning ever since!

    How are you hon?

    Sarah xx
  • Hi Claire- Ski,

    Firstly big congratulations on your pregnancy, not long to go now. Just goes to show that you just need one good egg and a bit of luck!

    Yes I suppose I kind of thought that one embryo gives us less chance than two, although I believe having a blastocyst transferred rather than a 2/3 day embryo gives you the best chance overall.

    I'm just in that stage where I can't believe it could possibly work for us, and I feel like one egg is halving our chances, although you have helped me lots by sharing your own story.

    I have also been worrying about the short protocol, although I don't really understand the differences between that and the long protocol - except for less injections. I had read it was used for women who don't respond well to the drugs or older women. I'm 26 so don't know if it will work.

    I think I just need to try and calm down about it all and trust that my consultant really does know what he's doing!

    Sarah xx
  • HI Sarah,
    So sorry to hear your story and lots of luck with the IVF.
    I can't help with the short protocal, TBD on here did the short protocal but the most of us have done long protocal. Have heard the story protocal may produce less eggs but they are usually of better quality. TBD had 7 fertilised and 7 made it to made blasts, her embryos were of a very high quality.
    Also going to blasts the chances of it working increases up to 75% which is why most clinics only then allow you to have 1 transferred.
    I had the long protocal, had 13 eggs but by day 2 I only had 4 embryos and am now 23 weeks pregnant, so even if you don't get to blasts or as many fertilise you still have a fantastic chance of it working.
    Good luck and any further questions don't hesitate to ask, and do let us know how you get on. Rooting for you hun... xxx
  • Hi Rachie,

    Thanks for the lovely message and a huge congrats on your pregnancy!!

    Does blast transfer really boost your chances to 75% ?! - I never asked my consultant but will make sure I do at our next appt. I hope so as those are fantastic odds. Not as good as 100% granted, but still very promising, lol.

    I hope tinybabydancer pops on here as it sounds like our treatment is likley to be quite similar. I am just hoping for a similar outcome!

    Hugs to all,

    S xx

  • Sarah, It depends on the quality of the egg but if you have a top quality egg then my clinic informed it increased to 75% if under age of 35.
    Good luck with your next consultant appt.
  • Hi Sarah,

    We had one blast put back - we chose to because I'm only 29 and the clinic is strong on the one at a time policy and said I had a high risk with DH was concerned about. Anyhoo I'm 4+5 now with my little blast.

    Intereatingly Zita West says that one fresh SET + 1 FET gives you the same chance as a double transfer with obv a much lower change of twins. That made me feel better.


    R x
  • his sarah, as rach says i had short protocol and am now sitting here holding my son after first attempt last november!! it is more often used with older women / poor responders but my cons said no reason for either protocol to be any better/worse for me ?(i was 27 with no fertility probs).
    i hmmed and ahhed about 1 or 2 embryos and wwas strongly advised to have 1 by clinic. i ignored them (which is your's ultimately your choice not theirs)...had 2 blasts and ended up pg with triplets but sadly lost 2 of them early in the pg. i later discovered the chance of id twins is also higher with ivf. someone else on here became pg with quads after having 2 embryos. i cant say which way is 'best' or whether i did the 'right' thing but it will make me think very hard if we are ever in this position again as it was all v traumatic and now having 1 baby has made me wonder how i ever would have coped with 3. our clinic said the odds were v similar with 1 vs 2 blasts (about 70%).
    ask away if any questions and good luck xx
  • Thanks Rachie and TBD (thanks for getting in touch - I have been stalking your old threads, as we seem to have so much in common with protocol and situation etc). Congratulations on the birth of your son too - you must be on cloud nine to finally have him safe with you!

    I am 27 too and no other health problems except dodgy blocked cervix, my husband has good sperm so no problems there. I have no choice excpet a SET because a multiple pregnancy would be so high risk for me. I am likely to need a transabdominal cerclage put in if I do manage to get pregnant, which is a stitch done through the abdomen in the neck of the cervix to keep it closed.

    On Monday I had a small operation to open my blocked cervix and I started my stimms (am on short flare) on a low 150miu dose as I have PCO and they are trying to avoid OHSS. I don't have much to report except that I am scared that nothing is happening as I don't feel bloated or 'twingy' at all. My first scan is tomorrow so please keep your fingers crossed for me.

    I really hope that I can make it as far as EC with a good number of nice follies and that they go to blast. CARE Manchester (where we are having our EC and ET) have confirmed the 75% success rate for top quality blasts so if I could get that chance it would be amazing, especially as I only get one egg to gamble on!

    I know i'm rambling now - just having one of those emotional days!

    Sarah xx
  • thanks sarah, i hope the threads helped!! you have every chance of success.....they're great odds!! i felt no bloatedness or twinges either....i wonder if they're less common with short prot given that its quality not quantity etc??? it doesn't mean ANYTHING so dont worry. are you using the zita west cd? i found that helpful (if a little annoying!!). loads of luck xx
  • HI Sarah,

    Wow it's all finally happening for you...

    I had my treatment (ICSI) at Northampton Care fertility and trusted their decisions. That's fantastic you're also having treatment at Care. I was on the long protocol and had 2 embryo's transferred 2 days after EC. I was told there was a 1 in 4 chance of having twins if the pregnancy test was positive. I am so glad I haven't got twins as I've really struggled with just one! Thinking about it now if they'd gone to blast stage I would only have had 1 implanted and frozen any others if possible.

    Anyway wishing you tons of luck for the rest of your treatment and I had no symptoms whatsoever during the 2WW.

    Love Ali x
  • Hi Ali and TBD. Thanks for helping me stay sane!

    Good news is that I had my first follicle scan today and have around 16 follicles, with a few stragglers that might catch up over the weekend. I just hope that they are of decent quality too as I have PCO - I don't know how or if it will affect things but my consultant seemed very happy anyway.

    I was also told that my EC could be as soon as Wednesday. I nearly fell off my chair as I only started stims on Monday! I need to start a second injection tonight so that I don't ov early and I will have another scan on Monday to see what's happening. There seems to be so much to take in that I feel like my head is spinning!

    TBD - I do have the Zita west CD on my iPod although I have only listened to it once (i'm rubbish) so will try and make a concerted effort to have a few more sessions over the weekend and early next week. I do find it quite soothing - although I find the way she pronounces 'umbilicus' very amusing! Is there anything else I should be doing? I haven't bothered with the whey protein or with acupuncture, although I am eating my 5 brazil nuts a day and plenty of fresh pinapple. Am also trying to 'take it easy' but is that enough?

    Ali - glad to hear that you had a positive experience at Care Nottingham, I have heard that Care are very good generally so will look forward to seeing if that's true. I am a bit divided over the '1 vs 2' debate personally. I know that I can only have 1 embryo put back no matter what but it does make me nervous that it might be 1 which won't take, whereas the second might've (if that makes sense?) Anyway, the choice is out of my hands so the best I can possibly hope for is a top quality blastocyst. I would obviously be pleased whether I got one baby or two (I guess one embryo could split?) but having seen my good friend juggling twins (also from IVF) on a daily basis, I know it's no mean feat!


  • hi sarah, everything you are doing sounds great. i didnt do acupunc either. the only other thing i did was up my protein intake both in my diet and also with protein shakes. its supposed to help egg quality i think (amazing how quickly you forget). most important thing is to carry on relaxing!!
    great newsd on the does happen v fast with short prot. i had a bfp less than 28 days after i started down regging!! rachie has pcos and it worked for her....think they are just more cautious about ohss, good luck xx
  • Fantastic news about the follicles, that is brilliant. As TBD says if you have PCO/ PCOS then they are much more cautious of OHSS. I had to coast for 4/5 days as my hormone level went too high and I went high risk. But 16 is a brilliant number. I agree with TBD about protein shakes but also pineapple juice... I had a large glass of it every day as it is high in seliumum and also helps with implantation afterwards (has to be NOT from concentrate). Very pleased to read that it went well today. xxx
  • Howdy ladies, just thought i'd give a wee update here. We're 2 days after egg collection now and still have 11 embryos in the running. It looks like we're going to go to blast if things are still looking good tomorrow.

    Please keep your fingers crossed for us!

    Sarah xx
  • Good luck Sarah, got my fingers and toes crossed for you xx
  • Hello everyone, I just wanted to update and let you know that although I was naughty and got my BFP early (at 6 days past 5 day transfer) I started bleeding on the same day and I have had a chemical pregnancy (I hate that term!) I am bleeding very heavily now and although I have my blood test tomorrow I don't hold out much hope for a good result.

    Maybe I will make it on here one day?

    All the best to the PAI ladies - thanks for the advice and support.

    Sarah xx
  • So very very sorry to hear that Sarah. Such sad news. I guess the only positive thing is that clearly you can make babies and get pregnant! But probably little consolation at this moment in time. Take care xx
  • Oh Sarah I am so very sorry to read this. Thinking of you xx
  • So sorry to hear that-life is so cruel. Thinking of you both.

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