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6 weeks early

My baby is due February 28th but is being delivered on Tuesday 19thJanuary at 34+2 , I have been here in the Freeman hospital because of my heart problems for 10 weeks so cant wait. My scan last week had him measured at 4lbs 10oz so with a bit of luck he might be 5lbs by now. Cant wait to for us both to be home so hope he doesnt need scbu for to long.Does anyone have any idea what level of help he may need. Wish us luck please and I will keep you infored. xx


  • My boys were born at 36+2 so slightly later than yours, and weighed 5lb 5oz and 5lb 5.5oz. They were in SCBU for 10 days. They needed to be tube fed and had to have antibiotics for the first few days. Babies develop the sucking reflex in the womb at 37 weeks-ish so arent always able to feed when they are born and need to learn.

    They will probably put him in an incubator to start with. The boys were to help regulate their temps and were out within a day.

    Sorry I can be more help but hope all goes well tomorrow xxx
  • Hope everything goes well for you and your lo tomorrow!

    My little boy arrived at 34 weeks and he was 5lb 6 (but the peadiatrician was AMAZED he was so big) he was in SCBU and tube fed for 7 days and then home - hard work but totally worth it!

    Do the Freemans have a scbu or will be you transferred to the RVI???

    Fingers crossed for you! image
  • hi,
    just wanted to wish you luck. Bet youre so excited hun. my oldest son was born at 34 weeks and it was very slow to feed and he was in hospital for 4 weeks due to this. All babies are different and my younger son who was born at 32 weeks was home much quicker. so hopefully it wont be long until you are at home with your lo.

    M x
  • Kara was born at 34+4 weeks. She was 3lb 12oz and is now 28 months and doing great. She was in SCBU for 2 weeks just to make sure she was feeding properly. She was tube fed for about 1 week. She had no problems from being born early so it was good and we got home quick enough.
  • DD was born at 32+5 and weighed 4lb 11 so a chunky monkey. she was born late on the thursday night and had her first bottle by 2pm on the sunday when she should have been 33+1. she is now almost 115 months and a right cheeky thing doing every thing she should for her actual age.

    she spent 19 days in scbu until she had regained her birth weight and was feeding well. hope everything went well yesterday

  • Any news from Leahlou about birth of baby? xjx
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