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signs of pre term labour???? help???

this is my 5th pregnancy and so far all went to full term except number 2 who was induced early for numerous reasons at 36 +3 weeks.

I am 32 weeks pregnant and have been losing a lot of brown mucus like discharge. Been to hosp and no signs of cotractions nor baby in distress etc... still losing now and getting really worried. Have sharp pains in pelvis area. I did not have an internal at the hosp and am now worrying that i am having a show and they need to be giving me steriods. I live in Mid East and not sure how good the NICU care is here.

any advice on how your pre term labours started would be appreciated.

d xx


  • Congratulations on your pregnancy.

    I started bleeding slightly one morning at 32+6 weeks, it was red, not brown. I sneezed and my mucus plug popped out but had no pain at all. Went to the hosp and the monitor told them I was in labour, I thought it was braxton hicks! By the evening I started to feel the contractions and was give a steriod injection. My contractions then stopped by the following morning and was given another shot of steroids. On the third night i gave birth to Kenny aged 33+1 weeks and 4lb 4oz, he is now 9 weeks old and thriving.

    I hope you LO stays put in your nice warm tummy till its due.

    Good luck
  • Plain and simple my waters broke! I didn't get any contractions for another 10 hours or so.

    I hope everything is ok for you but if you are concerned speak to the hospital again or a midwife - you mustn't be left worrying about it!
  • My waters also broke at 34+3. I had no pains either until a couple of hours either. Kara was born at 34+4 weeks with no problems at all. She was just very small and weighed 3lb 12oz. She was in NNICU for 2 weeks and it was great. Kara is 19 weeks today and is a healthy 12lb. She is fantastic. The medical care nowadays is great so I wouldn't worry. I would ring the hospital if I had any worries at all. Your baby is important so don't let them send you home if you don't feel right.
  • Hi ladies.
    thanks for taking time to reply. I losing peachy pink discharge now but only when I wipe. Will leave few more days and see how it goes. Funny as only my first baby engaged (bum first) and now on 5th I have felt lightening today and bump is so much lower. I can breath again!!!! Just hope can hobble to at least 34 weeks as thats when they stand most chance i think. My friend had twins a few months ago here at 33 weeks. One went home with her after 5 days and the other 2 weeks later. One hospital does have all the gear but its a very local hospital and expats just dont go there unless we have to. I guess baby comes before my pride but would rather get to 35 weeks when my chosen hospital will take me as they do have SCBU but not a NICU.
    Thanks again and all your babies look lovely. its helpful to see such a healthy bunch of premmies!!!!!
    d xx
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