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C Section Wound

Last night we noticed that part of my wound was swollen and raised, I had noticed that it became uncomfy if anything rubbed on it. Today, whilst at my parents I spotted that it was weeping puss (not nice i know) and bleeding slightly. Gareth just mentioned that he caught it with my electric razor last night whilst "tidying me up!" image

I have just put some tea tree oil on it and its not hurting at the mo. Just wondered if anyone else had experienced this?



  • Hi - didn't have a c-section, but it would be sensible advice with any wound that appears infected to go and see a doctor if it hasnt improved on its own by Monday. 
  • Hi, i was prgnant 15 months after my c section with ethan  and have to admit i can't remember it causing me any problems. I'd keep an eye on it and if it's still weeping, definately get it checked out on monday.

    I think your bump is already bigger than mine ever got  ( i mean that in a nice way) so it could just be stretching! Does it normally itch, hurt or bother you, how well did it heal after bronwyn was born? xx xx

  • It hasn't itched or been painful since I had the infection there 4 weeks after my section. I knew what you meant Tasha!

    I am going to get a docs apt on monday as i need to get it checked out.

  • thats good, let us knw how it goes, sorry i couldnt help more xx xx
  • I cant offer any advice Hun but hope that its better by Monday image


  • I had a funny moment today whilst buying Bronwyn a balloon! I was blowing my face as the shop was hot and the lady behind the till asked if I needed a chair. I said that I was fine so she asked if i was having pains and was i going into labour! The look on her face when I said that I had 11 weeks to go was priceless!!
  • I didn't have a c section with Cameron, but i would get it checked out just to be on the safe side!!
  • Actually i think mels right, better safe than sorry xxx xx
  • Caroline Mel is right ring the midwife and get some advice rather than waiting a few more days. Hope it is ok though xx
  • LOL caroline with the woman in the shop.

    Not haveing a section myself but id defo agree with the others in getting it checked sooner but hope all is well.

  • Morning caroline,

    How's things today? xx xx

  • Hope you are ok today Caroline, did you get it checked out yesterday!
  • Sorry Ladies, i vanished last night as i felt a bit yucky!!

    My wound has stopped weeping and feels ok today. I have put more tea tree oil on it. I am not ringing the maternity ward as I can't face a 55 minute drive there and back only to be told that its fine! After my farcical visit to the "specialist" on friday I have lost faith!!

  • Glad it ok today, just keep an eye on it and maybe its just were Gareth has nicked you!
  • P.s What happened on Friday!

  • We went to the hospital to see the specialist. I had done a glucose tolerance test 2 weeks ago. My apppointment was for 10.15, the staff came in and out asking who was next. Bearing in mind there is no reception and booking in system it was chaos! The midwives and staff had no idea who was seeing a midwife, the specialist or having a scan. We were finally ushered through at 11.30 only to have my wee tested and blood pressure done. Then they went to get my test results and had lost 1! 20 mins later they returned with the lost result, it was fine (as i knew it would be). They measured my bump - 4 or 5 weeks ahead still and sent me on my way! My midwife at the docs could have done that in half or quarter of the time without my having to drive 30 mins each way!! Never saw the specialist, no idea why we had an appointment!!!!


  • No, my midwife at the docs is doing that a week tomorrow! Gareth has felt plenty of movements though as the little darling never seems to sit still!!!!
  • Mel, I think I am growing a champion gymnast!!
  • Our "witching hour" is between now and 10! Smurfy usually goes mad, and then again at 3am! And any time that I sit leaning forward, such as at my laptop, when eating or at my desk at school!!!
  • Hi Caroline, hope your wound is better today? I can't help you there as i'll be in same boat when i get pg again, i'll be worried my wound will come open and the baby will fall outimageimage

     I'm loving the new pic of bronwyn, she's sooo scrummy and very cheeky facedimage 

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