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can i ask for c section if i have all ready had 1 ?

i had an emergency c section with my first baby because his heart rate had dropped and he also had an infection called strep b. I am at my consultant tomorrow to talk about my birth plan is it possible that i can ask for an elective c section this time. thankyou xx x


  • Hi there coconixon,I too had an em c sect with my first and when I had my second I asked for a c sect again.They did try to dissuade me and it's worth listening to them as you may change your mind but I was determined I knew what I wanted and they have to listen to you.I did get my elective c sect and glad i persevered.x
  • i had erm c sec with first one and wanted one for second but was talked out of it. Lucky for me I went overdue and got my own then as they won't let you got overdue... had to wait a week past date though
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