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Hello Friends

Sorry if this question is going to be repeated one. But was just wondering what should I be packing up for a c-section as I have mine booked on the 2nd feb.

Thank You


  • The most important is BIG knickers ones that go above yr knicker line as thats where yr scar will be. Track suit bottoms that are loose also around knicker bikini line. I went for two sizes above pre pregnancy weight. If yr planning on breastfeeding a button down the front nightie (in fact about 4 nighties as they are easier to wear than pj's)Also button tops or loose stretchy tops for breastfeeding. If not breastfeeding any comfy tops.
    Snacks- Lucozade, flapjacks, crisps, juice, water,
    Arnica for wound healing. Big maternity pads for blood loss.
    Magazines ((my baby would not sleep in cot thing so ended up reading mags at night to stay awake as I did'nt want to fall asleep holding him)
    Facial wipes and wash bag you will have to have a shower aprox 24 hrs after section but facial wipes help you to freshen up at other times.
    Baby bag with all baby essentials for 48 hrs. I then packed a spare baby bag which I left with OH for him to bring in oif neccsary. Same with yr own bag leave some spares with OH so that if needed he brings the right thing.
    If I think of anything else I'll post it hope this helps xx
  • As above, plus Ipod/ds/psp or some such for the wait b4 you go into theatre, I got to hospital @ 8.30am, like I was told and didnt go down till 2pm as there were emergencies. any clothes need to be comfy.I would take a dressing gown, as I walked form the recovey room into theatre in a hospital gown, but the mw drapped the dressing gown over me. make sure you take plain water as you may not be able to keep much down after epidural etc. Just everything basically you would need if you were going for a vag birth.
  • Big knicks! Thats the only thing apart fromthe usual. You may want to consider that you'll be in hospital for 3+ days probably.

    Em x
  • All, thank you so much! this list is going to be really helpful for my last minute packing...

    Lots of Love
  • Hi
    I was given great advice to put a maternity pad (sanitary towel) on the inside of your trousers or pants for where your scar is. It worked really well and was gentle against the scar, stopped clothes rubbing on it etc.
    Good luck :\)
  • i second the huge knickers, and also the mat pad on the inside to help cushion against any rubbing and to keep ur scar dry. also a pillow or cushion for in the car on the way home between ur tummy and the seatbelt, will help dull any bumps in the road or sudden brakes! plus also a cushion/pillow for sneezing/laughing/coughing. also savlon spray, i found this a godsend. if ur going to wea pjs make sure the waistband is high and loose so it doesn't sit or cut ibnto where ur scar is, the bigger the better really, or leggings wld be comfy as they tend to come up quite high, personally i didn't like walking around in just a nightie, felt quite exposed lol, but def have something button front if ur planning to bf. also books/mags etc for the wait before they take u in. a soft sponge for in the shower, not one of them scrunchy things, the soft sponge will be much kinda to the sore tummy hth xx
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