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omg what a bad 3 years i have had, i'll start from the beginning. sorry if it gets boring i just want all the info in there so i can get a good response.

i fell pregnant with my 1st lo when i was only 17, i wasn't trying for a baby and i was on the pill (microgynon), and just copped out, i then had my second lo when i was 19, again i was on the pill (logynon) but had a case of the runs one day (just turns out it was around the middle of the month).
now with my 3rd (which was actually planned), i had been on the depo-provera injection on and off for 4 years, but the year i fell pregnant i had only had one dose which ran out on 30th october, i had one period and then conceived, but sadly i lost this baby at 10 weeks (30th jan. i waited 1 month before i started trying, then my last period was 24th april and i was pregnant, after threatening miscarriage and many hospital trips because of bleeding and a weakened cervix (i had pre-cancerous cells removed from my cervix twice within 9 months the year before i conceived), they came to the conclusion that my cervix would hold the weight of the baby and the waters and signed me off at 32 weeks.

then i stood up one day at 34+5 weeks and a loud pop and gush followed (despite the fact i had to have my waters broke both previous times) the hospital admitted me, 2 days later at exactly 35 weeks i went into labour, after an excruciating 6 hours a consultant examined only to discover baby was oblique lie and posterior making it almost impossivble for him to come out naturally, also by this time my contractions had stopped and baby was getting very distressed, (they also discovered i had an infection courtesy of walking round for 2 days with no waters). emergency caesaren was the only option, they had him out within 9 mins of being in theatre, although 5 weeks early he rated well in his agpar score and ws an okay weight, the only fault was i had passed the infection to him which left him with a canula and intrevenus antibiotics.

the hospital sent me home 2 days later with cocodamol and over the counter antibitoics. one of the midwifes came out to me 2 days later to find me doubled over in pain and told me i didn't have the correct painkillers or antibiotics. but got these from the docs the same day, after a very long 12 week course of antibiotics, they came to the conclusion that the infection must have gone. i was never once offered a post-op despite the fact i had complications, and at my 6 week check the doc didn;t check me over he just looked at my scar and said it was healing nicely, when i started feeling better we started trying again for another baby (i wanted all my children done and dusted due to my cervix problems so if they returned i could opt for hysterectomy),

well we have been trying now for 13 months (when the longest it has ever took me is 2), i still suffer a lot of pain in my abdomen during my period and also in the middle of the month when i ovulate (so i know i ovulate), period pain is like labour pain, but the docs have advised me that this is normal. as far as the inability to fall pregnant is concerned the docs just keep fobbing me off telling me to wait, initially i went at 9 months and they told me to wait until the year mark so i went back and they have just told me to come back after 2 now.

from the very moment i got sensation back in my abdomen (the day after the section) i have felt that something was wrong, but the docs say this is not possible, they also say that the only way to see if they messed up the first time is to re-open it (and i am very squeamish) but she followed with 'she didn't see the point in me having another operation to see if the first went wrong'.

what are the odds of the actual surgery leaving me infertile????
what are the chances that the initial infection left me infertile????
what are the chances that the length of time i had an infection for could leave me infertile???

i have tried googling all these and the doc will not answer them.

if NHS messed up you only have so many years to prosecute and i can see my doc fobbing me off until this time is up, i just dont know where to turn or what to do??? at the end of the day, at this moment in time i just want a fertility test, i just want to know if i can have anymore children, any other problems can wait.


  • Morning hun - didn't want to R+R - have you tried another doctor?

    I would suggest seeing someone else - or possibly looking at seeing someone privately for an alternative.

    Sorry I can't be much help x

    LOve x x x
  • Hi.

    Firstly have you tried ov sticks its just ive learnt from my time in ttc that ppl have ov pains but dont ovulate.

    Second i too would ask for a second opinion. I have sever leshions (sp) from my first section, basically i too delivered at 35 weeks after a long labour and pre eclampsia where I and twin1 became really poorly. anyway all my organs, uterus bladder stomach bowel etc became stuck together by joining tissue caused by the section. thankfully i had no pain and it was only discovered when i had my second section. but they said they were surprised i got pg and more surprised i hadnt had any pain. Anyway this isnt something that i cld sue the nhs over its just one of those things that can happen when you have major abdominal surgery. However i thought they cld scan you uterus to check for some problems, but i was told that if i would need a lap and dye (think keyhole surgery but never needed it in the end)

    not sure if any of this helps but i think its worth speaking to doc again.

    good luck

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