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Anyone had a 37wk section?

Hiya ladies!!!

Just wondering if anyone has had an elective section at 37 weeks?

I am seeing my consultant next Tuesday who has agreed to a 38 wk section (3 wks today) but my SPD is really really playing me up now and I can barely move most days so was thinking about pushing my luck and trying for a 37 wk one. Thing is as from the weekend we are moving into a 3 bed house whereas we are currently in a ground floor flat so things are gonna get even harder!

I know I am having a section because I have had 2 previous - 1 emergency and 1 elective - and tbh I am petrified of delivering naturally now!

Also I am being sterilised during this op - has anyone had this done and how does it affect recovery?

Thanks for your pearls of wisdom ladies,

Love Lee


  • Hiya!
    My consultant is Dr. Hayden but I have never seen her/him!!! The last appointment I had with them I was seen by another doc who agreed to the 38 wk section! When I saw my midwife at 28 wks she guestimated he was already 4lb then and guessed he would be about 7lb 10 at 38 wks!

    We are only moving across the road and 4 houses down - so not far at all but still all the stress lol

    Love Lee
  • HI
    My section was 35 weeks by emergency due to heavy bleeding with placenta previa. She was Ok ish. Spent week in hosp with incubator care and phototherapy. Now a very healthy 3 month old.
    I had my 2nd child at 37 weeks by induction. He was fine and weighed 5lb 11oz.
    I got sterilised at same time and I was swollen and sore for longer than friends who had sections at same sort of time. however, well worth it. Just take it easy and beware of overdoing it as I got a pull in my sides if I did that felt like cheese wire cutting through me.
    I BF her so no AF as yet but they can come back heavier!!!! Time will tell

    hope that helps..
    d xx
  • I had a section at 38 weeks due to SPD I tried to get it at 37 weeks as I was very bad and on crutches and couldn't part my legs to deliver naturally and also had pre-eclampsia but they wouldn't deliver before 37 unless my pre-eclampisa got worse. Different areas agree to different things so all you can do is ask your consultant. Good luck. xx
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