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Hi all quick question

Hello ladies just wondered if anyone could help me with a quick question, I'm 6 weeks pregnant with my second child, dd is 8 months and was born by emergency c section as she had the cord wrapped around her ankles, I was just wondering if as I have already had a section I'll be giving the choice to have a planned one this time? I've heard conflicted information on this subject but am terrified of having to have a normal birth and the same thing happening again xxx


  • hi jenny, u'll probably have a meeting with a consultant at some point during ur pregnancy to decide whether u want an elective or try for a vbac. if u definately want another section tell ur mw as soon as u get one and make sure its clear and ur reasons why (trauma from last time, scar rupture etc) altho chances of that happening again are low but u need to be ciomfortable with ur choice of birth and if ur scared and panicking then its no good for u or baby, fingers crossed u have a nice reasonable consultant, i think luck of the draw with that, u get some that are pro bac, some pro section and some in the middle lol, but ultimately it is ur choice xx
  • Hi,
    You will definitely get the choice although you might find that your MW &/or consultant tries to push you towards a VBAC.

    I had an em c-sec with 1st due to failure to progress & was also scared that I would be pushed towards a VBAC partly as I don't think I'd cope well if the same happened again & still ended up having c-sec plus other personal reasons.

    I am now nearly 17+3 & when I saw consultant she simply asked if we had thought about the birth (to which we said 'not really' just so we could see what she said!). She then asked if we were planning on having more children after this pregnancy & said we had 3 options - VBAC, elective or wait until spontaneous labour then have c-sec. Wasn't pushy in any way - just said if we were planning on big family it would be best to have VBAC.

    Hope we get the same when we next see a consultant as no guarantee we'll see same person!!

    Good luck.

  • Yep, you will get a choice, I changed my mind about 4 times b4 I made the decision to have the 2nd sect. After speaking to my consultant at about 26 wks we decideed if I did go into labour b4 the date of my section we would try to labour, but at the first signs of distress or failure to progress I would be staright into theatre, I would'nt be induced or given ventouse or forceps. That made me happy as then I felt I still had my options open to me.
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