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  • hi, the link wouldnt work for me.
    My belly has gone almost back to pre-pregnant size, but i have a small 'bulge' just above the cut, i think it is still a bit of swelling? and it still feels a bit numb, hoping that will gradually go away as i heal.

    bailey_b and ciara 3 weeks tomorrow xx
  • Hi iv had two sections and have a very wobberly bit that will never go no matter how much weight and lose and exercise i do. I think this is more due to carrying very big and having loads of stretch marks but i dnt think having a c-sec helped. if ur concerned that the stitching has left u with an odd shaped tummy i wud go back to ur gp and see what they say xx
  • My scar is completely healed after 18 months, and I still have a tiny "mummy tummy". I did the Rosemary Conley diet, and shifted 2 stone of baby weight!!!! x
  • i still can't see my scar for the flab hanging over! but had 6 week check today and doc says it's healing well image

    no idea what shape my tummy will be after lol!

    sorry not much help.....

    hope you're keeping well

    aileen xx
  • wow Bailey-B back to normal and baby only 3weeks old. I wish.
    Aileen mine sounds just the same as yrs, Im trying not to get down about it and have started going swimming to try get it down but it is depressing still having to wear maternity stuff.

    Nic & Jake 6weeks
  • yeah nic i think i was pretty lucky. Although the 'buldge' just above my scar is still there, it looks really weird because if i put something tight fitting on you can see my belly-then a lower buldge...(needless to say i havent been wearing the 'fitted' clothes in public lol. I definitly need to start exercising soon though...spending so much time at home on the sofa with ciara is starting to take its toll lol.

    bailey-b and 6 weeks and 2 days
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