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My Elective C section story

Hi all

Just wanted to post to let you know how my sect went.

Had my chat with docs (SHO and Aneasnatist(sp)), on the Thursday (easter bank holiday weekend) had bloods taken, given some antacids to take evening before. told not to eat or drink from midnight night b4 op and turn up on mat ward by 8am.

I went in on Tuesday at 8am, was told by mw on ward they prefer us to arrive by 9am as nothing starts happening till then! great start.

Mw's did all the usual checks

anyway eventually by about 10.30am we saw a consultant and we were told there had been emergencies, and the labour ward was full etc etc, but we were first on list to go in.

was allowed to swill mouth out with water (but no swallowing) as I had a mega dry mouth. they also put me on a saline drip as they couldnt say exactly when i would go down and they were worried about dehydration. The person 2nd on list was told they possilb;y would be sent home if they had not got me to theatre by around 2 ish.

Anyway I eventually went down to the labour ward at about 1. Where the aneastnatist(sp) came to see me and told me he would see me in theatre. got undressed into one of those dodgy paper gowns where your arse sticks out, hubby was given scrubs. I walked to theatre (with said arse sticking out) with a mw. There were about 8 people and a medical student (he'd been to ask me if he could attend) in there and the radio playing. Had to sit on bed while spinal was put in. My back was numbed with a local and then all i could feel was what felt like someone pushing their finger into my spine, and then a warm sensation through my lower half. I was helped tolay on the bed, and alll of sudden my legs and lower half felt mega heavy, I felt like i could wriggle my toes but i couldnt actually do it. They then let my hubby in and put a screen up. all the time the staff were all talking to me and cracking jokes, and i fetlt really relaxed.

They started the op and all i could feel was something around my stomach area, but no pian or anything, it was like someone sort of rubbing my tummy or something. hubby was sat next to my head, and held my hand. about 10 mins later I heard a sound like a duck quacking, which turned out to be my dd. she was taken by the mw who gave me a quick gllimpse before they took her off to check her over, a few minutes later she was passed to hubby who sat gazing at her. after about 30 mins i was all stiched up and transfered back too my room on the labour ward to recover. I was finally able to actually hold my dd. Then the mw started doin all the weighing and measuring. I saw the surgeon and she told me I had adesion(sp) on my bladder following my last sect. so I would have to keep my catherter in for 48hrs. I was allowed to see my 20 month old son then and my parents were allowed to come in and see me. they transfered over to the post natal ward.

It isnt great being on the ward overnight as its mega noisy with all the babies crying and other people snoring and mw's back and fore checking on you and stuff. so didnt sleep very well. following morning saw a doc and she suggested that if I wanted I could go home that I could but would have to have a LEg bag for my catheter and would have to come back to have it taken out in the morning, I leapt at it. so was home with 24 hours.

I have to say after my sons birth by emergency section, having an elective section was great. I had a very good experience, and was relaxed on the whole.



  • hi rach your story sounds great alot better than a emergancy c section i had one 2 .
    did u ask for a elective 2nd time round
    thanks x
  • Your story was a great help, i was reading it out to oh. I have an elective section on the 3rd of July after having an emergency section with my son 3 years ago. I didnt know what to expect but reading your experience has made me feel at ease. Can i just ask whats an adesion on your bladder? Does everyone who had a previous secion have this?

    Glad everything was ok and you had a pleasant experience. Congrats x
  • Hi Rach!!

    i'm really glad it all went well for you, and congrats on your little girl!! - what did you call her?

    Adhesions are like scar tissue, but they "stick" onto anything they like with surgery any where. not everyone gets them, but some people are more prone than others.
  • aww congrats hun im so pleased it all went well 4 u im still shitting it thow lol i hope i dnt get adesions as its my 3rd section im haveing mine in 2 weeks and 2 days omg they will have to sedate me to get me in there im such a baby u r so brave was u scared b4 u went in? and wot was u like on the morning of your section?? xx
  • hi all

    Diana, I was given the choice and finally decided at 36 wks to go for it.

    haydns mum, as ollier said, i had no idea prior to op of any problems.

    ollier, we've called her Lili Seren.
    tinkerbell, I was nervous, didnt sleep very well, it is surgery after all. but as the day went on I was fine, the staff are very reassuring. also I knew I'd be meeting my little girl

  • glad i read this story as i am in early stages of pregnancy but want an elective C section. Im due on exactly xmas day and so hope they will do before xmas so i can enjoy my new and first baby and xmas!! I am scared of it all which is why i want an elective C section.
  • hi

    after 2 em sec all being well i will be having sec begining of dec. so v interested to read how calm it all was thanks and congrats

  • Dear Rachel
    Thanks forposting this and glad everything went ok. We have section booked for 10th June and after a vbac with our little boy I am a bit nervous so it was really good to read - nice and positive - thanks!
  • Just to update 7 months on no problems.
  • Such a great and reassuring story, thanks for posting it, I'm booked in for a c-section in 3 weeks time and am petrified, so many horror stories around so it's great to read a positive story for once, Amy North Wales Mum to Megan 16 months
  • hi hun, this is a nice post to read, hope you dont mind me gate crashing, I had my son by e c section, when I got pregnant I had a elective c section, they really do make it feel like a natural birth, they were all so lovely I really enjoyed my c section I was the 2nd person to get in the therate do to diabetes, I was really tired afterwards and loads of mws and doctors kept coming in and all I wanted was to sleep, I was also sick afterwards due to my diabetes and not eating. I was out of bed and walked down outside to say goodbye to my dad, felt great xx well done hun
  • Thanks Rachel! Im having an elective c section, and im so scared! Reading your story has helped, and i feel less nervous. Thanks xxxxx
  • thanx for that,i have section booked for next wed as bubba is breech!!!! nice to hear from other people thathave been through it.xXx
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