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Induction and VBAC

I read somewhere that if you have already had a c-section you cannot be induced for subsequent pregnancies. Does anyone have any information on this? I will ask my midwife at next week's appointment but I was just wondering if anyone had any experience of this.

The reason I had a c-section last time is that after I was induced (11 days overdue and in a lot of discomfort) my lo's heart couldn't cope with the sudden intensity of my contractions and they had to get him out as quickly as possible.

The consultant I saw last week said she thinks I should try for a VBAC but what if labour doesn't start naturally - what are the options then? I really don't want another emergency c-section, I would be ok to try for VBAC if I could be guarenteed that it would not lead to another emergency c-section, obviously this can't be promised.

I'm not having the best of days and the 'not knowing what to do' is getting to me today. I think I'd be better off having a planned section so that at least I know where I am and what to expect.

I hope that everyone is well and happy! Denise xxx


  • I am the same as you. I had an emergency section for same reasons. Next time I'm not allowed an induction so if I go overdue I will have a planned section at 41 weeks.
  • I am exactly the same i had an emergency section after been induced at 41+3, so this time round i am not allowed to be induced. My options are either have an elective section before my due date, wait and see if i go into labour naturally and finally if i do go over rather than induction they will section me. They are been quite pushy about me just aving an elective section tho, so gota see a consultant at 36wks. Kerry xxx

  • Thanks ladies, it hadn't occured to me last night that I could have a planned section when overdue-tiredness probably.

    Kerry - Isn't it funny (as in strange) that our consultants are taking such opposite view points. My consultant said that as I hadn't experienced established labour I should be ok to go for VBAC. Why is your consultant pushing you for a c-section? The consultant didn't even carry out any kind of examination, I had anticipated that she would at least look at my scar and baby feel my stomach around it-nothing, just see you in 16 weeks when I have decided what I want. Are you decided yet what you'd like? You have loads of time yet, roughly six weeks left to mull it over, which way are you going at the mo'?

    Denise xx
  • Thats reassuring to know that you can have an elective section at around 41 weeks if nothing has happened, I had a section 6 months ago with my first due to SPD and not being able to part my legs enough but I am now seeing a chiropractr who is helping with the SPD and if I get pregnant again I'll carry on with treatment throughout preg as I would love a natural birth so it's good to know that if I end up going overdue I could have a planned section rather than an emergency.

    Good luck ladies
  • Hi Denise, I think my situation was slightly different to urs coz although i was induced i did go thru the entire labour, got to 10cm and was even pushing for a while before baby became distressed and i was sectioned. I think this is why they dnt really want me to go naturally this time, either that or it will take sum pressure off the mw at my maternity unit who already have way too much work. Either way i keep changing my mind on wat i want, one day ill be like "oh yes lets have a section" and the next i will have my heart set on a natural birth. I know iv still got 5-6wks to decide b4 i see the consultant but iv gota feeling that the time will fly by and i suddenly be sat there not knowing wat i want and having the decision made for me. Kerry xxx

  • Hi

    Interested to read this thread, I had emergency c-section under general anesthetic as whilst in labour i rapidly developed pre-eclamsia (i was only 2 cm dilated) n one of my twins became distressed. However due to other medical complications I have been told that I wont be allowed to go past 38 weeks with this pregancy however have been given option of a vbac. So i just assumed i would be induced at 38 weeks. im seeing consultant at end of month so i will add this question to my ever growing list. Thanks xxDBxx

  • Is it true that if u got to 10cm during labour and then had an emergency section that u are less likely to be able to give birth naturally second time round. I thought u wud be more likely to give birth naturally coz ur body has bin through the entire process before, but i read somewhere that this isn't the case. I cnt see why tho, can anybody shed any light? Kerry xxx

  • Hi just had my 28 week consultant appointment, have been told that if i go overdue i will be able to choose to have a c-section or be induced. They say the risk of scar rupture is slightly greater with induction however still less than 2%. I'm gonna go with what ever the consultants recommend at the time but fingers crossed will have a succesful vbac xxDBxx

  • Thats gud to know at least ur chances of a VBAC have increased. My mw told me the other day that they wud possibly consider induction for me if i go overdue, but only if my cervix had started to dialate and they cud induce me by breaking my waters. All sounded very hit or miss to me and think i wud just prefer a section if i went over. Kerry xxx

  • hi
    im 33 weeks and have to make a decision if i want a VBAC by the time i see consultant in 3 weeks time!i still dont know what to do!!!had an emergency section with my son and it was very traumatic and of course have been given the option of an elective section but i am so in two minds!one day i think VBAC the next elective section!midwife is on the fence but consultant actually thinks i should try for a VBAC...decisions.... decisions....
  • My worry about having a c-section this time around is that ive got wee ones to look after. The thought of not being able to drive to playgroup, pick them up etc worrys me. They will only be 17 months and think it will be hard to explain to them that not only do they have to share me with a screaming baby but i cant lift them up for a cuddle etc. Being booked in for an elective wld make finding a babysitter easier but really think i will struggle once ive got home. Also and this is prob stupid but i dont feel like i 'gave birth' to my twins. I would really like to experience pushing etc and the euphoria once it is all over xxDBxx

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