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Scar leaking

I had my little boy 17 days ago emergency c-section
Over the weekend i have noticed that my scar has started leaking it started at one side first yellow pus and is inflammed and today it has opened up a little at the other side the same thing. Is it normal for the scar to do this.?I am seeing my midwife tomorrow so she will have a look at it i think i may need antibiotics if its infected. Wonder if i have been doing too much or its just happened,




  • Hi ya
    I also had my baby by c-section 17 days ago!!
    Mine however was planned and not an emergency.
    It defintely sounds like you have an infection, your mw should be able to sort you out antibiotics.

    My scar got infected last weekend and it was down to me doing far too much. i have been on antibiotics now for nearly a week and feel a lot better. But i have also had to try and slow down a bit.
    I hope you get it sorted and it starts to clear up. i have also got dressings covering my scar now as i was so worried about the infection getting worse.
  • hi, it sounds most definately like u have an innfection, its quite common but does need treating. make sure ur mw sets u up a prescription for anti biotics as it does need to be treated asap to mke sure u don't get an internal infection on ur inner wound. re taking it easy, honestly only do as much as u feel u can, don't try to be a super mum, housework will be OH's domain for a few weeks, don't forget ur not only shattered from having ababy ur also recovering from major surgery, and had it been any other operation u wld not be expected to do housework let alone look after a newborn too. i had an em c section in march and found puttingh a sanitary towel over my scar helped to keep it dry and also stopped me trusers or knickers rubbing.

    congratulations to both of u

  • I had a planned c section 2 weeks ago and about 2 days ago I noticed my incision had white pus under it. I assumed that it was just sweaty beneath it( my tummy slightly hangs over the incision). But I also noticed an unpleasant smell and the fluid was sticky. It felt different pain wise. Later I noticed yellow pus mixed with brown which I later noticed was dry blood because I dabbed it and saw blood on the Kleenex. I also noticed that where the fluid is coming from it is red. It looks like inside flesh. the rest of the incision looks ok. it is dark and blending with my skin. it looks like a cut healing. Did my incision come open? Or is it just healing?

    Sorry for sounding gross. I've had 3 section prior and I didn't notice any pus or blood or even any smell coming from it.

    I started bending to pick up things before I reached 2 weeks. Could I have caused it to open? I have a 11, 8, 3 year old and a newborn. Most of the time my fianc?? is on the road. Maybe I pushed myself to hard without even knowing.

    What do you think?
  • Sorry all, I am new and not familiar with this site.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Hope you are all doing well.
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