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low lying anterior placenta and cesearian questions

we found out today that i have a low lying anterior placenta and that if it doesnt move i will have to have a cesearian. has anyone had this? it it dangerous for the placenter to be in this position? and did your placenta move? we have to go back for another scan at 36 weeks to see if its a bit worried about a section, what will it be like?would i still be able to breastfeed, how long would i need to be in hospital for?


ashy 20+2


  • Hi ashy

    I had a planned section, and when they were doing it, they had to cut through my placenta to get to baby, because of its position - sounds like it was similar to yours. anyway - i managed breast feeding with no probs, and was only in hospital for 4 days.
  • the placenta has to be above the baby's head when you go inot labour, otherwise it can cause additional problems - bleeding etc, so yes, a c/s would be recommended!!

    it is also possible that to get the baby out they would have to cut thru the placenta, but they would know and anticipate this.
  • I had this with my 1st and went for the 2nd scan and it had moved, but they thought she was going to be a really big baby, so went for a follow up growth scan at 38 wks and she was breech! still said she was going to be about 10 or 11 lb! So I had a cs and she was only 6lb 9

    I couldn't breastfeed but I know loads of people who did after cs, in fact my milk didn't come in till day 7 but thats just me xxx
  • i had a low lying placenta - mine completely covered the opening to my womb, called placenta previa, so i had no option but to have a c-section. this was detected when i was 14 weeks pregnant and began bleeding heavily. they said there was a chance my placenta would move, but it never did, and i bleed that many times (11 episodes) that i had to live in hospital for the last 3 months, but in that time i saw some people who's placentas did move up.

    this is my first baby, so i have nothing to compare it to, but the c-section was fine (and mine was a complete emergency as i ended up bleeding very, very heavily - one of the risks of placenta previa and why i had to live in hospital).

    i breast fed, you need one of those v pillows to position your baby on in the first place so it does not hurt your scar. my milk did take longer to come in, they said that one of the drugs they gave me to reduce the bleeding can affect your milk, but the hospital had an infant feeding team who were amazing and my baby is 6 months old now and i'm still breast feeding him.

    i was in hospital for 5 days after, but some people who didn't have the blood loss (and blood transfusion) i had to have where out in 3 days.

    good luck with everything xxx
  • Hi, tbh if you end up with a planned section things are often easier than an em sec, and ive known girls go home after 1 or 2 nights.

    Also know a few girls whos placenta has moved and had normal births.

    Ive had 2 sections and successfully bfed each time, really recommend a feeding cushion (c shaped rather than v shaped as it sits on you body better) as the cushion protects your scar

    good luck

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