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Hello ladies,

I am new to this site and am trying to gather as much information as possible before TTC in May this year. I have a 6 year old daughter who wasnt planned but wouldnt change for the world, and this time around i want to be incontrol and plan as much as i can do before falling pregnant and there after.

When my daughter was born i never experienced any contractions or the motions of labour as i was rushed into hospital at 38 weeks for a c-section following my appendix bursting. The clinical decision was made to deliver my daughter due to the dangers involved but felt cheated having not gone through any of the final stages. I also did not respond very well to the epidurals, pethadine, morphine so dont want any of this regardless of how painful it is. Ive already told my husband not to let me buckle unless its an emergancy.

This time around i want a natural birth vaginal birth, is this possible???? Even though i have had a child i am a novice at labour etc having not been through it.

I would appreciate your help and advice


  • thanks Widge believe me i will be holding my own when the time comes. I want it my way all the way this time if i can help it. XX
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