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sorry tmi about bleeding and bowel movements :oS

hello ladies. sorry in advance because this could be tmi, but i had a planned cesarean section 3 weeks ago tomorrow and the bleeding bown below was very minimal after. (compared to my first anyway because i had a pph) any way, after 2 weeks it had pretty much stopped altogether but 2 or 3 days on it started again, only much heavier and bright red again. not too worried but not sure how long to leave it before going to see doc.
another q for u all. did any of u suffer with constipation after surgery??? its driving me mad!! and is there anything i can take regularly to help things along a little.
just to let u no that baby was a very healthy 37 weeker, weighing a hefty 9lb 1oz. not bad considering im 5 foot and was a size 10 before falling pregnant again!!!! we named her katie-skye.


  • hi, congratz on the brth of katie-skye.

    re constipation, feeling a little bunged up is normal, espcecially after all the jiggling ur bowels around in the op lol. i'm not sure if u can take anything, best to ask ur gp or a pharmacist, but i shld imagine some prune juice wld help things along a little.
    when i had my em c sec in march my mw told me that bleeding is fine, unless it suddenly becomes heavy and quite red...don't want to worry, but being honest. i think u shld make an appointment asap to see ur gp, or phone the postnatal ward at ur hospital for some advice over the weekend, they may prefer to get u in sooner rather than later. hth xxx
  • hello and congrats on your little girl

    i had jacob 3 weeks and 2 days ago and like you had very little bleeding, it has just come back and like a period, i was told to expect bleeding for upto 6 weeks, if it doesnt tail off i am gonna ask at my 6 wk check, i have also suffered from constipation and needing to go like now and being very windy, i am on iron too so that probably doesnt help,

    it might be worth seeing your gp to see what tablets you can take for it esp if you are breastfeeding

    hope it gets better soon x
  • Congratulations on the birth of yr baby girl. I too had constipation taking lactulose will help you can buy this from any pharmacya nd basically softens yr stools its also suitable if yr breastfeeding. See yr Dr about the blood loss or midwife just for yr own mind.
  • thankyou for the replies. im going to the doc tomorrow bout the bleeding as its showng no signs of slowing down, bit worried as i was anaemic before i had baby and was even worse after!! should imagine i dont have much left lol!
    as far as the bowels are concerned there is no improvement there either so will see if doc can give me anything for that too.
    will let u know how it goes and thanks again ladies xx
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