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classical c-section worry

I am asking for advice on having a second child. My daughter was born at 28+3 by emergency classical c-section due to many reasons. We have been extremely lucky with no problems except my daughter being petite. We have been to the consultant to ask for advice and what the prodecure would for the next pregnancy. The answer so far has been asprin and daily injections plus 'early' delivery, roughly 35wks, taking into account the classical.

I am asking for anyone who has or is in a similar situation, to get their thoughts.



  • I too had an emergency classical c-section, unfortunately my daughter couldnt survive. I recently saw a MFM, and she suggested that once i get preggo, they will do amniocentosis at 35-36th week to see the lungs of baby are developed, and than depending on that would schedule a c-section. I too will have to be on baby asprin, extra folic acid and Lovenox shots, through the lenght of the pregnancy.



  • Im sure this post is too late for you, But I had my son 4-15-09 by classical c-section. My husband and I both are Recessive polycystic kidney disease carriers. 1 in 4 chances. My son Dakota had the disease and had no amniotic fluid. We delivered 32 weeks. He was the youngest baby to ever have his kidneys removed and put on Dialysis. He did pass away @ 31/2 months ( a week b4 we were suppose to bring him home) because of medical staff neglegence and the spread of another patient germs. When I spoke with the Specialist at the Hospital (top 3rd hospital in the Nation), they said we needed to wait a year before we tried again because we increase the chance of a uterus erruption. An amnio can be done as early as 15-17 weeks of pregnancy, and a CVS (which is a tissue sample of the cord can be done between the 12-13 week. If you are that concerned, wait the time frame and start eating healthy, take prenatals and excersising NOW! Towards the end of your pregnancy you will prob be put on bed rest and have ultrasounds done once a week to see the fetal growth and to make sure you are not stretched passed your point.
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