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All ready now

Well i'm now 37+4 and i think we are ready! We blew the pool up last night to check it! i've got my Tens Machine, Raspberry leaf tablets, and aromertherepy oil (clarysage and lavender) and we have been reading "our water baby" book to our little ones every night! So now we have just got to wait for the baby to arrive! But i'm still working this week and my oldest has a dance show in Blackpool on sunday! so anytime after that would be good!! (Although It will probably be another 4 weeks though!!LOL)
I had my midwife visit 2 weeks ago and that was fine they had to just tell me all the "risks" of having a home birth!
Then i had to see the "consultant" (i saw a very junior doc!) at the hospital last week and she nearly had a heart attack when i told her i was having a home/water birth!LOL She seemed to think i was there so she could decide if i could even have a water birth in the hospital!
But as i say all ready now so finger crossed for labour in the next 4 weeks my only consern is going over and having to go and be enduced! although i will put it off as long as possable!


  • Hi,
    I know how you feel about the possiblility of going over - I too really want to avoid being induced but if it comes to it then, I guess I will go along with whatever is safer for baby. Seems a shame though with all the planning that goes into a home waterbirth (thats what we are aiming for too).

    Its playing the waiting game that Im really not loving though, no knowing when it is all going to happen just gets me down, Im due in 4 days but it could be up to 18 before I get to meet my baby!!!

    Fingers crossed yours decides to make an appearance sometime soon after this weekend!!!


  • I had a gorgeous home water birth experience in May 07 and will be aiming for the same again this November.

    We discussed with a couple of home birth friendly midwives who said, it's your body and your baby. We have lots of experience and will offer advice but it's always up to you. I was happy with my midwifery team and went into it saying I'd like to do it all at home but if I need to go in to hospital then I will. I felt if I said I definitely wouldn't then I was putting myself and baby at needless risk. Supportive midwives are the key. Ours even helped us find some accupuncture stuff when he was still breech at 36 weeks so we could avoid c-section pressure from others.

    Good luck to you. I can get tearfully happy thinking back to our birth experience, peaceful and intimate, no screaming babies (not even our own), skin to skin in pool and baby had skin to skin with dad in my dressing gown while I was stitched on my armchair. Midwife went and made our bed and turned down my corner, having put an absorbant pad in my side, just in case of leaks!
  • well so much for me being ready!! my little man obviously isn't!!

    i'm now 40+6 and have just been for a sweep and have been told my cervix is not ready!! I was really hoping that the sweep would start something. I'm going to go again on monday to see if things are moving and the midwife is coming to see me wednesday but then i'm booked in to be induced on friday!!

    so keep your fingers crossed for me that i go into labour in the next 6 days!!
  • Hi hope it all happens soon!! Have you tried lots and lots of fresh pineapple juice? If you really don't want to be induced it might be worth a bit of castor oil? I only took one teaspoon when 3 days overdue (I was induced with my first when 14 days overdue and my 2nd was 11 days late) and had my daughter the next day xx
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