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Well as it said My little lady Elsie-May was born safe and well at home yesterday 22/09/10 weighing 7lb 11.5oz. After a labour recorded by the midwives of 1hour for the 1st stage and 5 mins 2nd stage!! image

She was born in the birthpool at 10.25am and had her first feed in the pool while waiting for the cord to stop pulsating! then we tied the cord with a cord tie made by my daughter and the placenta was delivered in the water.

By 12.30pm all was tidy, the midwives had gone and we were enjoying being a family with our new daughter.image




    That sounds like a perfect birth to me!!! well done you!! I didn;t know you could stay in the water for the placenta? might try that myself!

    Beautiful name: Elsie-May! Welcome to world! x

    Mines booked and set, and pool comes on monday! yippeee!!!

  • many many congrats michelle and i am biased but the name is lovely - it is both my nans names combined!!
    well done and enjoy her!!

    jane xxx
  • my nan and great nan were Elsie-Mayimage
  • What a lovely story, congratulations! I didn't know you could MAKE a cord tie - what was it made of? Did you keep it??
  • That is fab!! How quick!! CONGRATS xxx
  • moonand stars
    with my last baby everytime we changed his nappy he had the imprint of the cord clamp on his tummy so this time we decided to make a cord tie.

    they are very simple to make
    take 3 strings of tapastry thread and plait them (we had lovely pink colours as we knew we were having a girl) it needs to be about 4 inchs long so you can tie it then when it is on you can trim the ends.

    you can keep the end you have trimmed off but the rest goes with the end if the cord.
  • Oh, that sounds lovely, like a friendship bracelet. I might well make one myself!
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