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Low Iron levels? UPDATED

I am due in a few days now and am all set for a home birth but when I saw the mw yesterday she said that my iron levels are too low - they are 9.5 and the cut off point is 10.5. She didn't straight out say that I couldn't have a home birth but said that it wasn't advised. As she had turned up late I had to rush off to collect my dd from school so I didn't have a chance to ask her any questions about it.

I don't know anything about what having low iron levels means at all but someone said it is to do with blood clotting. I don't know if that means I am more likely to have a heaby bleed or that if I do bleed it will be harder to stop?

Does anyone have any experience or advice, would be much appreciated.

Sarah 39+4

Saw the mw today and she took some more bloods and phoned me a little while ago to tell me that my levels are back up to 10.4 - yay. BP was also ok so thery are all supportive about a hb again. Now I just need baby to make an appearance! She tried to do a sweep today as well but said cervix was still thick and closed so will be a little while yet it seems.


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  • Hi Sarah,

    Look on this website

    I'm sure you'll already be familiar with the site if you've planned a homebirth.

    Click on 'You can't have a homebirth because..' tab on the left.

    Then scroll down and select -Your Haemoglobin count is low (anaemia, iron deficiency)'

    You will find lots of info on this and some stories form other homebirth mums who were in your same situation.

    You can also click on -draft article on Homebirth and Low Hb' this has a link to a letter that you can give to your midwife if you still want to go ahead but are receiving opposition.

    Good luck! xxx :\)
  • Thanks Fairythalia, some really good info on there. I think I am still gonna go ahead with the homebirth.
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