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anyone planning a homebirth over the next few months......?


I am due in early Jan 2010 and am planning a home birth.

There doesn't seem to be many frequent posts to this board but thought I'd post here anyway to see if anyone else is planning a homebirth over the next few months........?

Libby (32+3) xx


  • Hi Libby
    I'm also due in jan, a bit behind you though. I'm planning a homebirth too using hypnobirthing technques. Haven't talked to my MW about it yet. Brought it up ages ago but she said we'd talk about it closer to the time.
  • Oh hey, I've seen your posts in 'due in jan' forum.

    Are you going to a hypno birth class? I am quite interested in it but haven't found anywhere local and wasn't sure a DVD would do the trick!

    I had a midwife appointment this am and the very negative midwife put me in the homebirth book (after much nagging on my part)! I have asked to see another midwife next time who is very into homebirths.
    Hope you find your midwife more supportive!

  • hey ladies
    just wanted to say good luck
    any questions there are a few of us who post on here quite regularly who have 'done it at home'image
    if we can help - just ask away!!
  • Me too!! I'm hoping for a homebirth but am still looking at all the possibilities and putting my mind at rest. I can't bear the idea of the hospital as I'm not sick. I'd love to hear some homebirth stories....anyone??
  • check out mine, written by my hubby - shouldnt be too far down the list
    sorry for the advertising lol!!
    any gaps you want filling in just ask!
    jane xxx
  • Hi I have 4 children the first 3 at home. My midwifes were very helpful before during and afterwards. I found home birth more relaxing as everything you want is where want it midwife quitely watch and let you get on with things. My first midwfe put on list of whats needed tea and biscuits please. After you have had baby the bath is yours no-one else is going walk in, you can go to bed without being disturbed by others unless you have other kids
  • Hi Libby

    I'm due end of Jan and planning a home water birth. My midwife is quite keen actually so feeling rather lucky in that respect (although GP is not of the same opinion and my appointments are alternating between the two for the rest of my pregnancy!). Me and hubby are starting our hypnobirthing course in a few weeks - it is highly recommended by a friend and done by my acupuncture lady so know I will feel relaxed with her. We'll get the books and CD soon so I'll let you know if they work!
    I really hope I can have a home birth - just love the thought of being in my own bed with hubby on first night after baby arrives and in more relaxed surroundings for the birth itself. But we're only 5 mins drive from the hospital so if we need to go then so be it!!
    I read soon (jane's) birth story written by her hubby and it's fab!
  • Hi, i'm due my 6th baby in april and it will be my 4th home birth, my last baby was born in march this year and i ended up having him in the bath and the midwives hadn't even turned up!! lol don't let that put you off though it was great. xxx
  • Im 40+5 today and we have planned a water birth at home using hypnobirthing (did the course - 2 days - at 28wks). Highly recommend hypno and Im so looking forward to our birth... I too don't agree with going to hospital as I am not sick! Hospitals freak me out.

    Just waiting for bubs to make an appearance now (seems too comfy in there!!) so hopefully I will be in a position to post my birth story here very soon. (dare I say it .... touch wood! image )

    This is my first birth.


  • so lovely to read the birth stories on here! Planning a homebirth for March with my first baby - can anyone recommend a hypnobirthing course in berkshire? Do you think "doing" the cd's etc. yourself is comparable as an alternative?
    Am thinking of getting a birthpool in a box - an inflatable one in the small size. DH worried about how long it takes to fill and if your boiler can cope!! Any recommendations on pools?
  • webminx -

    Here are a list of hynobirthing courses in Berkshire:

    I did the course (in London) and would recommend doing it over a DIY with cds to get the full benefit. Though some find the course a bit costly - shop around to get the best deal. You can also use your ??190 from your HIP grant to pay for it. However, if you go it alone it is better than not doing it at all and there is still definately a benefit.

    You can get a lot of info here:
    And additional hypno downloads from here:

    I have the Birth Pool in a Box Eco ready to go:

    It takes less than 5 mins to inflate with the pump. Filling time will depend on your water system. If you have a combi boiler it will take twice as long as filling your bath tub. But if you have to wait for the water tank to refill, you will need to allow more time. You will need to get a hose and attachments for your kitchen or bathroom tap to fill it. You can also get a pump to remove the water/waste after the birth, either into your garden or directly down the drain.

  • I am planning a home water birth in May, Ive spoken to my midwife about it and she seems ok with it, I had to go and do a urine sample and while I was upstairs she asked hubby what he thought of me having the baby at home, he said he thinks it is the best option for me as I dont like hospitals, she agreed that maybe it was the best option then

    I was really pleased that she asked him and got his opinion in it too. I have to confirm it at my 16 week midwife appointment tomorrow.

  • This is great - quite a few of us planning homebirths and some who have already done it! I am looking forward to reading through some of the homebirth stories further down the board.

    I have been surprised not to have met more expectant mum's also planning homebirths - i didn't realise it was unusual until I started looking into it a bit.

    It will be great chattting to you all.

    Good luck sim75 - maybe your next post will be a birth story.....

  • that's really helpful, thanks sim75 (and like libbyjan10 says - maybe your next post will be your birth story!! Fingers crossed we all get the homebirth we wish for!
  • heya

    im due in late december and have booked my homebirth - so far my new miwifery team have been amazing and im really looking forward to it. They are renting me a waterbirth pool for the birth as my bath is quite small and they think i will be more comfortable labouring in that image

    Going to be using tens machine, water, massage and gas and air for pain relief - might try hypnotherapy techniques but not sure if i can afford the classes!
  • alex_peploe123 - if you are interesting in the hypnotherapy, but dont want to fork out the money for the course, i would recommend getting the following which you can still work through with your birth partner:

    Hypnobirthing: The Mongan Method: A Natural Approach to a Safe, Easier, More Comfortable Birthing with CD (Audio) (B) (Paperback)

    Well I havent got a birth story to post here yet but I am still working on it to encourage my little man out! But I had hospital checks done yesterday (abdominal and internal vaginal scans) and have been given a 72% chance of spontaneous labourin the next 7-10 days, meaning no induction. Meaning... I can still have my home birth. So fingers crossed ladies that I will have something to post very soon!

  • Sending you lots of ' start labour vibes'. image
    Libby (33+3)
  • Thanks Libby... I must have received them! I gave birth to our beautiful son Brody Lincoln yesterday at 12:21pm (contractions started at 6am). I had a wonderful home birth and will post my birth story in the next few days. It was amazing!!! Managed it all with no drugs or g&a which I'm really proud of and he is such a placid, calm little man as a result, it was worth it all.
    Will post again soon.
  • Congratulations Sim75! That's such wonderful news - well done, you! Welcome to the world Brody Lincoln (great name!) - looking forward to reading your story soon!
  • Hi Libby,

    This is my first pregnancy and I am planning a home water birth, my EDD is New Years Eve (12days and counting!!!) Ive only one midwife who has supported me so fingers crossed she is on call when I go into labour. I have had an uncomplicated pregnancy but because of my age (38), untried and that I had assisted conception, I have been frowned at for 'risking' as they put it, a homebirth. I have full support from my husband although he admitted he was nervous last night. I have a regular sized BPIAB which we are putting up on Monday for a trial time run. Has anybody else had assisted conception (ICSI) and delivered at home ???

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