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What reactions have you had to your HB plan?

What reactions have you had to your HB plan?

I've had a mixture of the negative:

Your brave,
Nooooooo, Really?
My GP doing the sign of the cross and telling me its dangerous and madness (I've swapped GP's)

Not so many positives:

Good on you, but I wouldn't'
Ooooh! How very hippie

What have people said to you?


  • I think we have been quite lucky - my sil has had two homebirths now, both of which were very positive experiences, so she has set a strong precedent for me with the outlaws (her parents). My mum is also all for homebirth, and really wanted to birth my brother and sister at home but didn't because of the flak she got from the medical profession (they told her they would arrest my dad if he tried to birth my brother at home!). So our family is very supportive (or at least not being unsupportive!).

    On the whole I have had fairly positive reactions, although I haven't really advertised the fact. I saw the health visitor this week and she said she thinks it's fantastic that we are having a home birth. She also said all the mums she knows who had a homebirth speak of it in really glowing terms.

    I think the least positive reaction I have had has been from my midwife. It's not that they are being openly anti-homebirth, more that they are being very non- commital (I'm about to post the whole story, have a gander!). So I have found that quite upsetting and went from being positive about the birth to being down right terrified!!

    But to be honest on the whole I think I have been quite lucky. Sometimes people have looked a bit surprised but they have been polite enough to keep their opinions to themselves!

  • negative:

    Your brave,
    Nooooooo, Really?

    All of the above!


    You're mad
    You're funny (as in loopy)

    Last time I had a hospital mw say to me "oh good luck with that" - in front of the whole class - when I attended a breastfeeding class she ran. How rude.

    Also been branded a hippie - that really grated me because the person who said it took the drugs for her birth. Going without the drugs - and at home - doesnt make me a hippie!! It makes me smart image

    They were all for my first hb in the uk.

    Im now planning my second hb but in Australia. This time round my gp said "we dont do homebirths here". To which I replied, "yes I know they arent widely supported here so I know it's harder to do it but i will be planning one". I too had to change gp - Im 24wks and he doesnt know Im having one yet!!

    I simply dont discuss it with others now but people who know me generally know Im doing it. If I do get a backlash I just say I would be mad/brave to go into a hospital to give birth. Geeeez we arent sick, we're giving birth!! So why need a doctor to meddle with things and end up being induced/drugged up (as is baby)/ c-sect!!!! Ive seen it happen with all my friends bar 1, it's as if they are brainwashed by their docs that this was best for them. Then they pay for it afterwards

  • I totally agree mummabear. But I would never dream of saying to a lady having a hospital birth "ooo you're brave".

    There just seems to be a pervading culture of intervention at our local hospital - the c-section rate is 30%. Even the ante-natal classes were geared towards making it seem like interventions are inevitable (and that we had no choice in them). It is weird cos when you go on the hospital tour they bang on about aromatherapy for pain relief and are very proud of their new birthing stools, but there is an underlying atmosphere of "but you'll end up having drugs".
  • I've kind of not mentioned to many people. My Mum knows I'm planning one, and seems ok with it. Hubby is a bit worried, but I suppose that's natural. I've reassured him that if it starts going horribly wrong and me or baby is in serious danger then I don't mind moving to hospital, but I'd like to start out as I'd like to end up, relaxed and at home. I'd rather not use drugs, or have a C-section. Especially if they're only doing it because the labour is too long and they are impatient. (seems to be the norm around here)

    He seemed to accept that. lots of the women at his work laughed and think I'm absolutely mental. Most people think I'm being naive about the amount of pain I'll be in (first baby) and I've had a few "You're braves". I'm trying to start out positive, and don't mind if I'm in pain (obviously I haven't got much of an idea what I'm letting myself in for) but I think it'll be more manageable when I'm relaxed (hospitals really tense me up and make me nervous)

    Haven't told MIL yet, but suspect she'll be a bit shocked. I've got a reputation as a hippy anyway, so I don't mind if people say that... after all I'd rather be called a hippy than told I'm a mad woman that's deliberately endangering her child. ????????????
    Meet my new MW next week for 25 week appointment, and am hoping she'll be nice. image
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