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what do i need for a homebirth?

i decided last week to go for a homebirth. the mw is coming roung to see me tomorrow (37 weeks) but what do i need to have in?

i have hired a tens machine - not arrived yet image
i have been listening to the hypnobirthing cd
we are not getting a birthpool aqs house is too small and we have 3 cats

can anyone help?


  • im 20 weeks and planning a homebirth, and from what ive read and been told, get some plastic sheeting or a few shower curtains for protection, lots of towels ,a bucket (for placenta) maybe an old duvet? (to 'nest' in). im actually planning on sewing a shower curtain to the under side of an old duvet, so that i can have a little nest, and that i can just throw away afterwards. maybe a birthing ball would be good too?!

    just as a general labour thing, im going to get some drinking straws so oh can give me water, some fine mist cooling spray, snacky foods, just try to think of anythign that could possibly make ur birth easier!! xx
  • Hi you really don't need any thing much for a homebirth.
    They say shower curtains rather than plastic sheets because they are not slippy when wet. ASDA do smart price ones for about ??1.
    The midwives will bring most things you need with them The only thing you need to get is some food in for the midwives. Mine had biscuits and tea but they were only here a couple of hours they had requested bacon sandwiches if they had been here a long time! lol
    But other than that it is as gracie said anything you think might make things easier or more comfortable for you.
  • thanks for that. i have a birthball, forgot about that, and cant afford a pool image will get shower curtains tomorrow and a bucket.

    mw didnt show up today but i am at antenatal tomorrow.
  • i'm 19+5 and planning homebirth my friend reccomended to ask hospital about hiring pool s going to do that my mw been brill said she will bring everything else needed at 36-37 weeks
  • This company hire out birth pool in a box at low prices.
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