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Any Tips?

Hi ladies, well I had a show at just gone 4am today and have had very mild and dull pains on and off ever since. I'm due on Mon so I'm really hoping this is it, but I'm a bit worried that things should have progressed faster than this?

The show had tons and tons in it (sorry tmi) and then i had a steady but slow leak of pinkish bloodstained mucous until around midday.

Have had period-type pains that are now getting more intense but they're not regular and I can get through them fine. They're also not lasting very long.

I guess what I'm asking is - should hubs and I prepare for a long night? I don't want things to slow down and would welcome any ideas to pick things up a bit! Also I've not rung the labour ward at all yet - should i give them a call just to say I think i'm in early labour stages or leave it until my pains are stronger and more regular?

Have posted this in several places as would be really grateful of any advice! We can't wait for things to get going properly but i don't want to bother the labour ward unless i know it's in full swing if you see what i mean.

We've not had a lot of snow here but am also keen not to leave it too late to go to the hospital if we need to. It's 30mins away. Should i ring when pains are between 5-10 mins apart???

thanks image

an excited hopefulmummy xx


  • hun the labour ward wont want you ringing until your apins are at least 5 mins or less apart unless you cant stick the pain any longer. Some women get pains on and off for weeks after getting a show before they go into proper labour. Take some paracetamol and go to ebd, try to rest as much as possible because if you stay awake the entire time of early labour (which can last days) you will be exhausted come time to push etc.

    Good luck, i will look out for your BA. x
  • if it will make you feel better i would say ring them. i rang my labout ward as soon as my waters broke and they said to go straight in to check it was my waters as i didnt have a full on gush it was a trickle like having a wee but not being able to stop it. it was a good job i went in as while i was waiting my contractions started. they started at 2.5mins apart and were lasting for 45 seconds. i was pushing just 1 hour later. if i had waited to ring until 5 mins apart i would not have made it the hospital. i only had pain relief for the last 10/15 mins before i started to push
  • With my first baby my contractions were really irregular, i was 2 cms on The friday afternoon abotu 2 o clock and they were very mild all night. I went to bed and managed ot have a good nights sleep. At 5 am saturday morning i woke up and had nothing so decided to have a bath just to relax, following that My contractions became a lot stronger and i was pacing the living room. a bath may help bring on your labour. Keep us posted on how your doing. x
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