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Would I get an elective csection?

I had my DS 18 months ago after emcs category 1. 27 hours after my waters broke and after being on the syntocinon inducing drip I had only managed to dilate 4-5cms with little progress made whilst on the syntocinon drip. My little boy had a clip on his head to monitor his heartbeat and I was strapped to the bed to monitor us. They couldn't get a good enough response during the monitoring and because of my lack of progress I was sent for an emcs, I could feel some tearing so they put me under GA. I am planning on TTC in the next 6 months and was wondering if u think I would be a candidate for an elective c-section? VBAC scares the life out of me as I do t want to go through all of those hours of labour to b only 4-5cms with an inducing drip and then b told I need a section! Plus i am not sure if my DS was I distress because I wasn't progressing??? Would I have to fight for a elective c-section????


  • I had my DS 5 years ago after a 36 hour labour & only getting to 2cm i was the same as u terrified of having a vbac

    i had my DD on 3rd of dec 2010 so 4 weeks ago by elec c-sec

    I had no problems with docs agreeing to c-sec once u have had one c-sec u can realy put your point across bout wanting another one & as its your body & u have already had one i'd say your b fine haing another

    Good luck ttc

    Billie xx
  • I had emergency with my ds 20months ago and when i got pregnant this time midwife said i had to be under consultant care because of the added risk. I saw consultant at 15wk who adv me they want me to try vbac, said if i dont go into labour by edd then they will do section as they cant induce due to risk of uterine rupture. I told them i didnt want to go through a horrible birth again just to risk ending up with emcs. I just cant face going through it again.

    The consultant told me they cant refuse me as if scar did rupture theyd be liable as i have requested csec. They wont give me any set date now i have to go back when im 36weeks.

    So after that ramble my point is if u want one they cant really say no!!

    Good luck with yr ttc.xx

    Nic 22+3 x
  • As the other said, they can't refuse you a c section after an emcs. They may try to convince you to go for vbac, but if you stand your ground they will go ahead with the elective c section.

    Even if you did want a vbac, they would never induce you, as the drip creates really strong contractions and could rupture your uterus where the scar is. If you go for a vbac, they would have a date planned for a c section too.
  • As above for me.

    EMCS with DS (now 3yrs 6months)following failure to deliver (he was big and I have a tilted cervix)I had ventouse and forceps after being induced over a 48-60hr period and then labouring for 15hrs. He didnt want to come out so EMCS.

    When I feel pregnant with DD (now 20 months) I hummed and arred about it for weeks until I actually saw the consultant at about 32 weeks. I was given the option to try for labour but no induction and any signs of distress for either of us and we would have been straight in, I was also given a date for an elective cs which was 1 week b4 due date.

    I had the CS. no sign of baby wanting to move so for the best for me.

    It did help talking it through with the consultant and realising why you ended up with the EMCS.Many will be very supportive. I know some will try to force you into VBAC but ultimatley it will be your choice (you can ask for another consultant if you find you arent getting the support you need.) speak to your midwife, explain how you feel.

    good luck xx
  • I too had a category 1 emergency csec due to not finding dd's heartbeat even on a scan. I was meant to be having an elective csec! Anyway, I was told that it is likely that any future births will be elective csec. I think as it was a cat 1 emcs then depending on your consultant I wouldnt have thought that you would have to fight very hard for an elective next time x
  • Everyone is correct. They may advise you to try VBAC but it is your decision. They should have info available on their success rates. My hospital said 75% go onto have a normal delivery. So basically 1 in 4 dont and need another c section. Stand your ground and if you feel you're not being supported ask them what will happen and how they will deal with you if you have a rupture after you said you didn't want VBAC. That will change their minds. They wouldnt want to think about even the possibility of being sued. You have no worries, honestly
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