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Positive C-Section Account

I hope this may help one person who may be worried about having a c-section. I had a very positive experience and hope it may put to rest some fears for those who elect or are told they have to have a c-section instead of reading the 'horror' stories of it being 'major surgery' etc that seem to be more readily told on the whole by those who haven't even experienced a c-sec.

I am now 6 weeks post c-sec ......

I elected to have a cesarean with the full support of my obstetrician. I was advised by my obstetrician that two days before to have my bikini line waxed and the top part where the incision would be so that there would be no re-growth for 3-4 weeks around the scar.

On the morning of the cesarean I arrived at the hospital and with my husband I was taken up to have my checks done (blood pressure and check my name/dob etc) and was introduced to the midwife who would be in theatre with me. I then changed into my hospital gown whilst my husband changed into scrubs. I was allowed to keep on my engagement/wedding rings but these were taped over and they were fine that I had nail polish on my toe nails. This was all very calm and relaxed although I have too admit to being slightly nervous/excited about the prospect of meeting my gorgeous daughter!

Very shortly after I was taken (walked) with my husband to the operating room where I sat on the edge of the bed ready for the anaethetist to insert the canula. I then had to curl up into a ball for the spinal ..... they injected the area first to numb it and I can promise i did not feel a thing when the spinal was injected! I was then rolled onto my back, screen up, catheter inserted and the c-sec began.

All very pain free and calm with my husband next to me and the anaethetist explaining everything the obstetrician was doing. 10 minutes later the screen was lowered and my beautiful baby was born. She was taken away for 2 minutes for some very quick checks and then bought back to me for some skin to skin. The next bit although probably 30 mins seemed to fly by! As I was being sown up with disovable stitches she was taken away and dressed and given to my husband to take out into recovery. I had the spinal removed and was taken out to join my husband and daughter (we were seperated for 2 mins at the most)

I was in recovery for 45 mins and this was a lovely time for my husband and I just to look in awe at our daughter. She latched on staright away whilst I was lying on my side and she remained latched on until I reached my room.

I was given Morphine injections as pain relief and I had three injections in total over the next 18 hrs and then went on to paracetamol and co-codemol. I began to get the feeling back in my legs after 1hr and a half and then asked the midwife if I could sit up. This was fine and completely pain free ......I had a rope to use to pull myself up with and used my arms and legs to scoot back in the bed to a sitting position.

4 and a half hours after surgery I decided it was time to stand, and with the help of my husband, stood up and took a few steps to sit in the chair ...... again I didn't have any pain and was fine moving around. 9 hrs after surgery I had to move rooms and was able to walk this distance myself unaided. I had the catheter removed 20hrs after surgery.

I spent 1 night in hospital and was home the next day. I had no problems picking up my daughter. Day 2 I went shopping to waitrose with my husband and daughter .... day 4 I went christmas shopping. I was allowed to drive after 2 1/2 weeks. I took paracetamol and co-codemol for days and then just took paracetamol for a further 5 days.

I had a fantastic experience and after 6 weeks feel fantastic. An elective cesarean does not mean 6 weeks of laying in bed/3 nights in hospital/not beig able to pick up your own baby and the other horror stories you hear about ..... it can be a fantastic birth experience.

Best Wishes to all the cesarean mummies to be out there



  • Thank you so much for this post and also congratulations on the birth of yr daughter.

    Im going for a planned section at the end of april and reading this has made me very excited rather than scared. I had emergency with ds so had no time to worry but this post has shown it doesnt have to be a scary experience.

  • Echoing everyone else, thank you so much for this post. I'm booked in for mine on Wednesday, and although I know it's the right choice to have one I'm still scared. It's made me see that the recovery isn't always hellish, going to get OH to read it in a min so he has something positive to focus on too.

    Once again thank you, and congratulations on your baby girl x
  • Can i just ask how come you were allowed to drive so early on as i always thought it was 6 weeks before you are allowed to? x
  • I am pleased if my account has helped!

    Mrs_Boulton..... You must be so excited, good luck for Wednesday! I still reminisce about the day every Friday even 7 weeks on image

    Kitty_Kat..... My insurance said if my obstetrician was okay that I was able to make an emergency stop etc that I was allowed to drive. My obs wrote in my notes to say I was fine to drive.

  • so glad you had such a positive experience too. My experience was very similar, I think its a help to anyone who is planning a c sect to read these sort of experience as it can be seen as being a negative thing

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