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worried please advise girls

Hi Girls

My little girls was born in may by c sec and so is 8 months old! Found out yest I am pregnant again (not planned) and I am so worried about uterine ruption!

Do you think I will be ok?



  • speak to your midwife, If you had a c sect b4 you will be given consultant care too.

    Without knowing why you had a c sect (eg was it failure to progress or baby breech) its hard to say what you will be advised. If you want to try VBAC they will advise you if you are suitable depending on your previous experience. If you are particularly wary of VBAC they may push you toward a 2nd section. Just make sure you speak to them and try not to worry

  • Hey rache. I replied to your other threads as well. Just to let you know I am in a similar situation. I had an emcs (failed induction) in April and am due now at the middle of Sept. I'm trying not to worry and to keep an open mind until I see the consultant x
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