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what can i do to help membrane sweep work?

i am having a membrane sweep on monday at 38+6 and just wandered is there anything i can do to help it work??? i have been having contractions/tightenings for days now they become regular then ease off so really hoping can get things moving

any advice greatly appreciated image


  • Walk, walk and walk some more! Its the best possible thing you can do to bring baby down onto your cervix, its hard when your heavily pregnant but try to walk at least 2,3 miles! Having sex and lots of bouncing on your birthing ball may also help.

  • I asked my mw last time what things actually work as you hear so many things like hot baths etc etc etc

    I was told that the ONLY thing that genuinely works to bring on labour is to have sex as the sperm contains the same hormone that they use when they induce you x
  • thanks for the advice bounce on ball regularly now but looks like i may have to give hubby a treat and do the deed :cry::lol:
  • I heard that the prostaglandins in sperm work more effectively when sent through the digestive system...if you get what I mean.

    Tried it last night and nothing, so trying the other method tonight.

  • i had my membrances swept wednesday night at 630 pm and i was 38 and 5 days and it is now 48 hrs later and nothing is happening . just little cramps and do lots of walking . i am preg with the second child . my doctor says if he is ready it will happen and i was 1-3 cm dilated on wed. it all depends on the person

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