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what do i need bottles for hospitial?

Hiya i just wanted to no if i have to take in my own bottles and milk when i go into labour for the baby, as last time i breast feed so didnt even thin of this but this time im planing on bottle feeding as i found breast feeding really hard and painful last time and only lasted 3 weeks. if i do how meny bottles do i need and anything like that?? xx


  • Hi

    i dont know if you have had your little one or not, but wanted to reply.

     I bottle fed both my first two and will be doing the same with this one aswell when hecomes in a few weeks. I dont know about every hospital, but ours supplies the bottles and milk for you

  • Im pretty sure most hospitals have bottles and milk there for you to feed your baby with, this milk isall ready made to make things even easier...

    Good luck hun wish you the very best. x

  • You do need to take your own bottles and milk formula into hospital as its your choice which milk you put them on.

    You should only need 4/5 pre sterilised bottles.

    Most hospitals do provide mini sma gold milk in disposable bottles.

    Hope that helps ! 

    All the best

  • I think it depends on the hospital...

    most have glass bottles of some milks (Cow&gate aptamil and SMA)  which you attatch to a nuk teat to feed your baby and these are given free of charge..but am aware of some places charging for these or using vending machines to dispense them (disgraceful) 

    Your best bet is to ask your midwife next time you see her or phone your post natal ward...they may even have info on the hosptial website.

    Good luck with your new baby x

  • My hospital gives them free to new mums however be warned I've heard they do try to push you into breastfeeding before giving you the bottles. Get in touch with your maternity ward and make it clear on your birth plan you wish to bottle feed and do not want to be pressured to breastfeed (unless you are still not 100% decided - I tried second time around and it was far easier than first time!!!).
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