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could i get a natual?

I'm wondering if you can have a natural birth after 2 c trying for a baby but would really like a natural birth this time my first cs was due to baby been stressed as my labour was not progressing after bout 3 days (ouch) the second i opted for it as i didn't want a repeat experience not on a 3 day half labour as not progressing but also midwifes just leaving me be and complaining when i complained and just telling me to go in bath that was 9 years ago also with second they were concerns of because it been a big baby that my scar would not hold but now im not as young and mentally as weak i want to try naturally but im not sure if they will allow me. what do you all think? :?


  • Hi, I am in a very similar position, my first i had an emergency due to fetal distress and failure to progress, then with my second i got talked into it by my consultant (at our hospital they are known for not liking vbacs, they would rather just get you booked in for a section then they are less likely to have to deal with emergencies)anyway 2 days overdue he said i had no chance of having it naturally and he had a slot in the morning to do me an elective, at that point i was so fed up i just wanted baby out so i agreed.

    This time I felt the same as you a bit more confident in saying what i want and the midwife was all for a vbac.

    Went to see my consultant and same as usual didnt even give me he option!! so i went back to my midwife and told her i was not going back to the hospital to see cons as it was a waste of time and they didnt listen!

    Anyway managed to get an app with the consultant midwife who sat with me for about an hour and went through my labour notes from my first and it turns out what i remember was totally wrong and i actually had a brill labour, after having waters broke at 7:30am i was 9cm by about 2pm so i progressed really quick but then it stopped! i didnt change and they sectioned me at 7:20pm and found out baby had turned half way down and got stuck so there was no way she was gonna come any further!!

    Therefore i would have prob had my second absolutely fine!

    Anyway sorry to have gone on but I now feel really confident i am gonna have a natural birth and i also plan to have this one in the birthing pool, fingers crossed.

    Talk to your midwife and see if you can get someone to go over your hospital notes from you first and get the true pic.

    Good luck xx
  • I've never had to have a c-sec (touchwood) but friends that have had them say it's the consultants who push more for the subsequent c-secs rather than them. As long as you have a normal healthy pregnancy with little or no complications then you shouldn't have a problem with a VBAC. The consultants will always err on the side of caution and may try to encourage a c-sec scheduled close to your due date (just in case) but the choice should ultimately be yours, so if you feel able to do it then go for it.
  • would also be interested to here if anyone has had a vba2c, i've had an emcs and elcs... not even ttc yet, but next baby is liekly to be last and i'm in two minds, i really wanna experience the whle birthing thing, seeing babies all brand new and gooey and naked in their first seconds, but then if it's our last i don't want to end in an emergency cs, would prefer an elcs, if only had a crystal ball eh?
  • Hi WoWbabies

    I am due in 7 weeks, had an emcs with first and an elcs with second, going for a vbac this time so will let you know....fingers crossed
  • ah that would be great Jojo, really hope u have a nice smooth delivery, good luck xx
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