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Fast Labour Question??

Hi Girls Hope You Dont Mind Me Posting In Here But Iv Got A Quick Question If Anyone Can Help Is It True That If You Have A Fast Labour The Rest Are Normally Fast?? The Midwife Said They Normally Am But I Want More Opinions X x


  • hi my first labour was 4hrs 6mins and second was 2hrs 43mins both induced so dont no if that makes a difference but am really hoping that this one will be the shortest yet or at least no longer lol what ever happens it will all be worth it good luck xx
  • God They Were Quick Lol An Im Not Sure I Was Induced With My First An After 24hrs It Ended In C-Section 2nd Was A Natural Which Started On Its Own And Now Im Due No.3 And Scared Lol An Yes What Ever Happens It Will All Be Worth It Good Luck To You Too An Thanks For Your Reply image X x
  • Hi Jacki

    i've had four kids and with number five on the way, every one of my births have been fast my 1st 1hour 58minutes 2nd was just on 2hours 3rd was two an half hours but he was also back to back which make it very fast normaly those labours are the longest and my 4th just on two hours again so in my case yes if you have had fast labours its likley to happen again image
  • Hi Cathybub5 Am You Sure You Aint Supermom :lol: My First Ever Proper Labour Was My DD2 Which Was A VBAC DD1 Was EMCS As They Couldnt Check Her Oxygen Because My Cervix Was Closed Anyway After Haveing DD2 It Said On My Notes My Labour Was 2hrs 10mins An Now im Scared Incase No.3 Is Fast Did You Have Hospital Birth Or Home Thanks For The Reply By The Way image X x
  • Lol yea im sure :lol: they were all hospital births as i lived 5minutes from the hospital but snice then we have moved and im now 45 to an hour away so they plan to induced me this time image x
  • Try and think of it from the other extreme, what would you do if it isn't fast. My 1st labour lasted 49hrs, now on 2nd pregnancy am praying for one under 12hrs.
  • Kazzie, I'm with you on this one! My first was 79 hours and this time anything under a day will do me hehe!

    Ellie xx
  • Lol Well Your Babies Didnt Want To Wait Then. Ooh Right I Bet Your Glad Your Being Induced Aint You 45Mins To 1Hr I Dont Think Id Have Any More Kids :lol: Good Luck With The Induction By The Way image. KazzieM You Have A Point Id Rather Have A Quick Birth But Im Worried About Not Making It To The Hospital I Only Live Like 10Mins Away But So Does My Sister She Was In Slow Labour For A Week With Her First And Shes Just Has Baby No.2 She Got To The Hospital Lay On The Bed And Out Came Baby image I Couldnt Believe It When She Told Me She Just About Made It X x
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