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Question about c-section recovery...

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone can give me some advice. I had a c section on 01/04 so almost 12 weeks ago. 2 weeks later i heamorraged and was diagnosed with a uterus infection. 2 weeks after this the same happened again and was given another course of antibiotics to clear up the infection.

However, i'm still not sure i'm right. Sometimes it can be painful to wee, a bit like thrush but it feels higher up inside me? Also when i exercise i sometimes get some pain in the abdomen even though i'm doing nothing vigorous.

I thought i had first AF almost 3 weeks ago but it was only very light, mostly brown and lasted a week. I started my pill but used extra protection for 10 days in case it wasn't AF! Saw doc last week who said that it can take a while to recover and it was normal to feel some discomfort!

However, now i'm getting brown discharge again before my pill free week?? I'm not convinced all this is normal? I'm concerned that with it being my uterus, i would like lo to have a sibling at some point! Am i being ott or is this normal?



  • hey,

    I didn't want to read and run, if I were you I would want a second opinion from a specialist who knows what they are talking about. I sometimes think GP's don't know for definite with things like this and it is so easy to say 'it's normal' after child birth.

    One of my friends had a natural birth and felt that her stitches never felt 'right', she got told over and over again that it was normal and it would soon settle down and feel normal again. It never did, when she had her second baby, she was told they had stitched her up 'too tight'. Since her second and being re stitched she feels normal again.

    sorry I went off on a tangent... I would ask, just to check, even if it is normal I would want to have a 2nd opinion.

    Hope you feel back to normal really soon xxx
  • This is the general concensus i'm getting. Definitely going back to doctor now!

    I think you just know when somethings not right with your body!

    Thanks hun xx
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