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problem booking 20 week scan.

i have got an appointment thru for a vbac clinic, although i think i would prefer another section, my vbac clinic is when im just 19 weeks and they wont book my 20 week scan until i have my vbac clinic. phoned up today to express concern that there will be a huge shortage of scan appointments to be told tough thats how they do it. explained that i work in the hospital and need to book time off, i run clinics and ward rounds so cant just walk away. still no joy. so at this rate i could end up with no 20 week scan or have to go private just so that i can actually make the time given. so frustrated, and emotional. feel silly but just want to cry. rant over. sorry guys.x


  • how silly of them! i had my appt at 14 weeks, how bizare they make you wait until 19, may they scan you at the appt?
  • i asked if they would scan then see said no, the appointment was booked from my lmp she said it wasnt her fault if my dates got later. so frustrated, like its my fault. x
  • can they not bring ur vbac appointment forward? mine was after my 20week scan... infact they said that they have to do it aftrer the scan as issues might be raised in the scan (like scarring etc) that can effect vbac chances... i had scan at 21 weeks, vbac app a week later and consultant a week later than that... obv just their policy... stupid policy though... what if u say u don't vbac appointment?
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