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Flying after a csec?

I will of course ask my consultant this question but just curious if anyone knows whether there are limits to how long you need to leave it before you fly? My parents live the other end of the country so I fly to see them quite regularly. It's only a 50 min flight so not longhaul or anything!

Thanks! K x


  • i never asked a dr, but I flew to France when my DD was 7 weeks. Most airlines won't allow babies under 2 weeks and it will probably take that time to get your lo a passport. Let me know what your consultant said!
  • i think it all depends on how ur healing, i personally wouldn't advise flying in the first 6 weeks after ur csec as u could well still be sore and all that hanging round airports etc won't do u much good. just stay at home and rest rest rest in those early weeks, could ur parents not come to u?
  • Generally newborns aren't allowed to fly until 15days old (and will need their own passports these days). With yourself, it'll all depend on where your stitches lie and your own personal comfort as you will have the plane lapbelt in that particlular area. On that note, most will wait until stitches are gone before flying.
  • Oh my parents are coming to stay for 2 weeks when LO is born so I wasn't planning on doing anything that quickly! I was thinking maybe when he is about 8 weeks old. Thanks for the replies! x
  • i think apart from being sore i would think theres an increased risk of an embolism although i'm not sure if the internal flights go high enough? i would think it would be after 6 weeks x
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