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confused lol

hello, i was wondering if any one could help me as im really confused im 30weeks pregnant with my first baby and for the past week now ive been getting strong twinges and getting very damp down below i constantly need the toilet but find it difficult to release it but its not a water infection and im constantly itching on tummy and boobs and being incredabily uncomfortable at night.. is this any think to worry about??


  • I would say normal for this stage in your pregnancy. I had a lot of discharge in late pregnancy and started wearing pads. If you are concerned your waters are leaking speak to your mw but usually if you put a pad in and lie down as long as there is no pooling on the pad it is not your waters. The twinges will likely just be your body getting ready xx good luck xx
  • Probably all normal but it's worth speaking to your midwife about the itching as if it's all body itching rather than skin dryness/stretchiness itching it could be a problem.

    Probably nothing but my friend has had 3 babies and had itchiness with them all, it was a condition called Obstetric Choleosis (i think that's how it's spelt) and it means your liver isn't working properly. Can cause probs for you and bubs.

    Not that common but worth asking about.

    (Don't want to scare you but thought I'd mention it.)

  • Thank u both for ur help, i seen my midwife and she just said to wear a pad and to keep an eye on it. The itchiness has now stopped thankfully lol it was driving me mad. It's quite worrying being pregnant for the first time isn't it image xx
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