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To VBAC or not??!

I had my consultant appointment today and they are completely undecided as to what I should do!

I had a EMCS with my first who is now 3 because after an induction and 12 hours she was sideways on and I had not progressed enough.

They think this one is going to be a big baby as I am huge for dates so have a growth scan booked for the 12th but if it is just fluid and he is a normal size they say it is my decision!

I am so scared and really don't know what the right decision is. Part of me would like to try for a normal delivery but I am so scared that my wound will rupture. Also that I will get to the same stage as last time and it will end up as an EMCS again.

Any experience of any of this? Please help!



  • hello

    i tried a vbac but for me it wasnt ment to be, my body was working but she wasnt happy in there, i'm glad i did try though, although she would have been here before 40+2 of i had a planned section!

    the risk of scar rupture is around 1% in spontaious labour and 2% in induced labour, so very low and in my hospital the vbac success rate is about 68%, worth getting the stats,

    if you feel you would like to try vbac you could always get them to book a section for a few days over and try vbac if you labour naturally? or have a solid plan that you are only allowed to labour for so long, my first was a section after 3 hours of pushing and my plan for no2 had she not been in fetal distress was to only push for 30 mins and if no progress a section

    good luck, there is no right decison, either one that gets you baby safely is right x
  • I had a very successful VBAC 3 years after an em c-sec and I would recommend going for it if everything is ok. It was a great feeling to have actually experienced a natural birth as I felt so cheated first time round. It was also surreal to be up and about within an hour of the birth and ablemto have a shower etc. I hated feeling skanky and being bed bound after the c-sec. Also, wi a LO at home, it was great to be able to get about without worrying about a c-section scar.

    The birth itself was hard work though as effectively you're giving birth for the first time so nothing is stretched so to speak! I very nearly gave in and demanded a c sec when I'd been pushing with no movement for 30 mins and at that stage they said the should have done the c-sec (policy is to only give you 30mins of pushing with no progress with a vbac - I was pushing for 2 hours+ with DD1) but as baby wasn't distressed they gave me another 10 mins and somehow that gave me the determination to push a bit harder and get her out!

    Now I'm pg with number 3 and am terrified of NOT having a vbac as my nearly 5 year old scar has virtually disappeared and I don't want to have it back thank you very much!!!
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