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Help asking for a elective after emergency please

Hi, well i haven't posted on the forum after i had a missed miscarriage earlier this year.

I am now pregnant again due in march image ,i had my consultant appointment today and felt very much like ive been told i will be having a VBAC wether that is what i want or not.

I tried to explain that after my previous pregnancy went overdue and i had an emergency c-section due to meconium and distress i dont want to take this risk again but was told cesearian is much more risky and i will be monitored if i go over due.

I do not feel happy about this due to what happened previously and the miscarriage i am extremly anxious anyway and do not want to leave things to chance i feel like i need the security of knowing i am booked in rather than being left to go over due..

How can i explain this without being told not to worry VBAC is the safest etc?


  • i was really keen on vbac which in my area had a 68% success rate, i ended up with a second emergency section due to ditress, my first was due to getting stuck, anyway if i had wanted a section i would have had a fight on my hands with my consultant, however strangely enough many trusts will just section you without discussion of vbac,

    it is your choice they should give you all the facts, they will advice what they think is best but you dont have to agree, from thier point of view it is unlikely to happen again, if it had been due to not dialiting they may have leaned more to section, have a word with your midwife its easier if you have her on side, ask for another appointment and if you have to change consultants and speak to the head of midwifery, vbac is ultimately cheaper if it goes smoothly. if that was you 14 week appt you should have another at 36 weeks to make a final decision where you can stanp your feet x
  • Thank you for your reply
  • i researched so i could argue my case,

    decrease sucess for vbac,

    raised bmi mine is 32, for once being fat could work in my favour

    age >40 well i 38 so close

    large baby, son was 4.4 kg

    i have my follow up at 34 weeks in just a few weeks, if all else fails i will just cry til they give in. lol. fingers crossed they listen to you. and me pretty please. x
  • I had an emergency section and second time was told I would be able to have a vbac. I said no and my consultant was shocked. I said I refused to even consider it. I didn't bond with my child and I later suffered PND and I had such a terrible experience I blamed this. I don't know if this was the case but I was frightened if it happened again I would be the same. I had an elective section in the end after standing my ground. Take someone with you for support and make sure you tell them why you want it x
  • My midwife has said to me that I can say to the consultant I have read and understood all the information, and I feel that an elective c section would be best for me. So that is my plan! My first c section was due to an unsuccessful induction (they couldn't get me into labour) and the baby getting into distress and she thinks it is likely this would happen again anyway.
  • i had an emcs with my first, then with my second my consultant assumed i wanted vbac, i wasn't sure, then at 38 weeks i said no, i wanted elcs, i had to argue, cry etc, but they backed down... and i had my elcs... it is up to u, if they make u labour and something go wrong leading to an emcs u could potentially hold them responsible, especially if u when u 'agree' u say ok, but i want it noted in capitals that i'm not happy about vbac and have requested elcs... equally they can't force a woman into a cs if she wants a vbac... what i will say though is be sure, and u can change ur mind (as i did)... i got too scraed the closer it got, scared of a repeat birth like my eldest and scared i would get ptsd again (it was the ptsd making me scared) ... i wish now i had tried a vbac, as with vbac they are generally a lot more cautious so less likely to ever get to an emergency state and will do cs at first hint of trouble... i'm now thinking of no3 (not ttc yet) and as will most likely be my last am hoping to attaempt a vba2c, but apparantly i may have the opposite fight on my hands for that as they will most likley want me to go for an elcs

    whatever u decide, i hope u have a happy and healthy birth xx
  • Demand a section my sister nearly lost her womb after being forced to have a vbac to deliver her little angel who was still born at 24 wks !!! I had a section under general with my 1st. My second child was to be a section cause of breech he then turned late in the pregnancy and they tried to convince me 2 have a vbac and get started something was telling me not to and I'm glad I listened to my instincts cause wen I had my section consultant said I had 3 tears in my womb and if they had started me the baby and I would have been in serious danger . Listen to ur own instinct !!!!

    Goodluck x

  • Thank you for all your relpies, I have my next appointment next week but i feel undecided so don't think i will be ready to make a decision either way.
  • hope all goes well, there certainly time to make a decision, hopefully your appt will make it easier x
  • You have the right to an elective so hold your ground if that's what you want. Tbh I had a fantastic vbac experience after an em c-sec with my first and it actually helped me to get over the trauma of DD1's birth so it could go either way. However a VBAC is not easy as you're effectively giving birth for the first time so if you're not totally up for it I wouldn't force yourself. I came so close to demanding em c-sec when DD2 just wasn't budging during the pushing stage and it was only my determination to prove I could do it that got me through.
  • u have loadsa time to make a decision, i didn't make mine until 38.5 weeks! and even then u can change ur mine right up until incision made or baby crowning... so don't feel pressurised into deciding just yet xx
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