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low lying placenta

Hi all,

I recently went for my 20 week scan where the sonographer wrote cervix covering o/s. I assume this means placenta previa? She didn't tell me anything else.

I have googled (for my sins) and I am worried now- I have had a previous section and am wondering if this is the cause and if anybody has anybody experience.

Thanks x


  • hey, this is usually very common. apparently alot of womens placentas are low lying early into pregnacy and they gradually move up during pregnany. dont worry. they will scan u again in your 3rd trimester and decide what to do..most will move out of the way so resolving the problem.
  • If they were concerned they would have booked yuo in for another scan around 34 weeks, that is what happened to me, and it had moved by then anyway
  • I had this at my 12wk scan but by the time I got to my 20wk scan it had moved to the middle of my back. Your MW will probably discuss it with you at your next appt & may refer you for additional growth scans to check its position. It'll only be once you get to the 36wk stage when they'll start planning for c-secs.
  • Mine was identified as low-lying at both 12 and 20 weeks. At the 20 week scan, I was asked to re-book for another scan at 36 weeks. Whilst it had moved up a little, it was still low. However, I have been signed off by the consultant to have a natural delivery (no c-section required) as it was not covering the entrance, but have been asked to have the baby in the hospital and not at home as planned in case I bleed xx
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