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low lying placenta

Hi all,

I recently went for my 20 week scan where the sonographer wrote cervix covering o/s. I assume this means placenta previa? She didn't tell me anything else.

I have googled (for my sins) and I am worried now- I have had a previous section and am wondering if this is the cause and if anybody has anybody experience.

Thanks x


  • Did they ask you to go back at 32 weeks to be rescanned?

    I had slightly low placenta at 21 weeks after a previous section and went back at 32 weeks. Mine had moved (much to my disappointment as I wanted another excuse to have a section this time). Its very common for it to move as you get bigger so probably won't be a problem if you want a VBAC.

    Good Luck
  • i have a repeat scan coming up for low anterior placenta, also following section. hoping for a section this time too. im scanned at 34 weeks. x
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