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VBAC induction


this is my 5th baby & ive had 3 previous normal births (2 inductions) & with my last it was a section due to him being breech. I also developed Gestational Diabetes with him. Id really really prefer a VBAC this time around but firstly i only ever went into labour naturally once but that was about 40+4 so overdue, the other 2 times i was induced 10 days over. Its quite likely ill develop GD again & with that I know from last time i will not be let go over at all. Theres little chance of me going early with my history so my question is this - will i be able to try for a VBAC or will they refuse seeing as induction with VBAC is a no no using pitocin or perhaps they would let me get the gel @ 40w to see would that kick it off?

Has anyone any experience of this or similar?

thanks gals.



  • the GD would probably complicate the decision, i was told if i went over they could use the pessary if i wasnt dialted or break my waters if i was to start things off, i suppose as long as the baby is ok you could request to be left until term,
  • My Hospital wont use any form of chemical induction. What they have planned for me is a sweep at 5 days overdue, then if nothing kicks off naturally, they will try and break my waters at 10 days over. If that isnt possible, or doesnt work, then it will be a C-section. so you could ask for sweep and water breaking. It is totally your desicion xx
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