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Pregnancy after c-section - how soon?

Just wondering what sort of gap people left between having a section and getting pregnant again? I ended up with an emergency section this time. I would like another baby and we didn't want a very big age gap but am worried about pregnancy after a c-section. It's only 3 weeks since i had my boy but like to find out facts for the future!



  • Hi ,

    I had my second section 13 months after my first and it was fine i think they do recommend about 2 years but i know a few people who have had sections close together . I'm now expecting again and this will be my 4Th section .

    Hope that helps image
  • Hi

    I also had an emcs ans was told point blank by the consultant that you need to leave at least 12 months before being pg again to allow the womb to heal.

    For abdominal surgery they prefer you not to have more than one surgery in 12 months so when you consider you might need/elect to have a second section you might want to bare this in mind.

    Likewise if you hope for a vbac then you want your womb strong and in the best state to avoid a rupture and pregnancy is equally a big strain on its own.

    We will follow the doctor's advice as I know from previous surgeries that its better to be in good shape for recovery.image
  • there is 18 months between mine, first was an emergency section and second also an emergency one due to distress during vbac, advice is different from trust to trust, anything from 3 months to 3 years, we started at 6 months as it was difficult to concieve our first and fell when ds was 9 months,

    just wanted to point out the risk of rupture is around 1%, having a baby and young toddler is tough with a section! but i wouldnt have had it any other way!
  • I had 17 months between my emcs and and an elcs. I was told after my daughter that the recommendation was to leave 12 months between pregnancies but, much like piggypops, we weren't expecting it to happen quite so soon as it took us 18 months first time round. My recovery both times has been great although I have had 2 courses of antibiotics this time around for an infection, but that isn't anything to do with having 2 close together x
  • Yes, i was told by the midwife not to get pregnant again for a year after my c section to avoid issues with the scar tissue. Don't think I could have faced the thought much before then anyway! My little girl has just turned 2 and I am currently 9 weeks pregnant, feels like a comfortable gap to me.
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