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After Birth?

Hi Ladies,

i gave birth to my daughter on the 1st of july,shes now 3 months old.everything went reali well, just had a little second degree tear, its abit personal to ask this, but dont know where else to go, i have a shower and by the end of the day my vagina discharge starts to smell, im not in any pain down there and i dont think its thrush, i havent had a period yet as im currently breastfeeding and on the mini pill, is it the lining of my womb that needs a period for it to be fresh again. im also experiencing muscle ache around my lower back and hips where i pushed her out, especially more when i do long walks etc, does it take a long while to heal. is all this normal?

Thanks for reading this x


  • i dont know hun but i didnt want to read and run.

    after i had my DD i found my discharge totally different and i smelt a lot after the end of a day.

    can you use femfresh wipes or something to keep you feeling fresh and clean for the time being?
  • The aching sounds very like me. My daughter is 2 and I still get this when standing for long periods. It's not something I worry about

    I wonder if you a noticing a natural smell more than you normally would have done because you are looknig out for it. Is it an " offensive" smell? xx
  • my son is now 11 weeks and although i didnt notice anything, my 6 week check-up and smear showed a bacterial imbalance down there which is apaprently quite common after birth. dont need to take meds as body takes care of itself normally. have a check up in dec again. could this be it? bacteria can cause discharge and smell too. i also dont have my period yet and also had a 2nd degree tear.
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